Purging in Zanu PF personal: Official


SUSPENDED Zanu PF “chief financier” in Midlands, Kandros Mugabe, has said the ongoing purges in the province are being fanned by political heavyweights out to settle personal agendas.


Mugabe, also a Bishop of Zvipo Zvemweya Apostolic Faith Mission with a following of over 2 000 members, was together with Kwekwe Central MP Masango Matambanadzo suspended from Zanu PF for five years.

“These firings and suspensions have nothing to do with principals of the party or constitution violations, but are being used by a vigilante in the province out to deal with their perceived personal enemies,” Mugabe said.

Mugabe was among 11 Zanu PF district chairmen suspended by the provincial executive on allegations of creating his own centre of power and fanning factionalism.

But Mugabe said none of the allegations were true and dismissed his suspension as null and void. He said he was suspended without even attending a disciplinary hearing to defend himself.

He showed NewsDay proof that he donated over $1 000 for First Lady Grace Mugabe’s rally held in Gweru. Mugabe also funded transportation and provided food for Zanu PF supporters attending a rally addressed by President Robert Mugabe, Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his wife Auxillia.

However, Midlands provincial spokesperson Cornelius Mupereri said Mugabe could face new charges of allegedly funding party youths to attack nearly 100 supporters at an inter-district meeting held at the party’s offices and addressed by Mupereri.

“We have information that he was the one who funded the youths who disrupted our meeting and since he is already suspended from the party, he is now likely to be fired,” Mupereri said.

Zanu PF youths have now threatened to invade Mugabe’s BD Gold Mine and other investments.

He has since denied funding internal fights and instead, accused the Midlands leadership of sowing seeds of division by firing and suspending members over false accusations.

“They link anyone they don’t like to Gamatox as an excuse to axe them. I am not part of those people. My loyalty remains with the party, President Mugabe, and his appointed leaders who include VP Mnangagwa,” he said.

“I will continue to use my resources to fund Zanu PF and its programmes, including our Mbizo constituency by-election candidate (Vongaishe) Mupereri.”


  1. I think for the sake of the country such lawlessness must be stopped, why would youths think they are authority unto themselves. We are creating monsters out of these youths, unfortunately or fortunately most of them are dying young from their misdeeds.

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