Police chase Zanu PF invaders


POLICE in Harare yesterday quelled a potentially riotous situation when they intervened and chased away rowdy Zanu PF youths who had invaded residential stands belonging to 10 co-operatives in Glen Norah demanding $45 000 as compensation for the land.


The ruling party youths had claimed that the land was earmarked for a community self-help project initiated by the late former First Lady Sally Mugabe.

When NewsDay went to the area near Chitubu shops yesterday, co-operative members were still milling around while Zanu PF youths were mobilising to take over the site.

Chairman of one of the co-operatives George Mungure said they were trying all avenues including the President’s Office, police and Local Government ministry to bring sanity to enable the stand owners to develop their houses.

“This land was allocated to 10 co-operatives last year by council and there was (Local Government minister Ignatius) Chombo’s signature in February 2014. The Zanu PF youths said the land in question was meant for (the late First Lady) Amai Sally Mugabe’s project, but council said that project was a lease and therefore, they had taken it to distribute,” said Mungure.

“Every time we go on the ground, they come demanding that we pay $45 000 to them so that they don’t disrupt us. They were told by council officials to stop their actions, there is also a court order to stop them from their acts, but they still come back to haunt us,” he added. A docket for extortion and other cases, according to Mungure, had since been opened.

The co-operatives affected by the Zanu PF youths include Mudadirwa Zvobgo, First Avenue, Palmer Vision, Archgrace, National Railways of Zimbabwe, Tenzi Tinzwei, West Gin, Spring Field and Ingoni.

Zanu PF youth league chairman for Harare province, Godwin Gomwe, was not immediately available for comment.