Pictures: ‘We must sympathise with vendors’


HARARE mayor Bernard Manyenyeni has conceded that the increase of vendors in the city had overwhelmed council and that Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo was working on a lasting solution to the matter.

Manyenyeni on Tuesday toured the city centre and interacted with vendors, concluding that they were not “wild” people.

Manyenyeni said council should sympathise with vendors as their coming into the city centre was not out of choice, but failure by central government to address their plight.


“I concluded that they are not wild as some would want to believe. I admit the city centre has been overwhelmed because they have taken their wares to the streets and in some instances leave a distance of 30 or so centimetres and making it difficult for traffic and movement of people,” he said.


“They close pavements, but let’s negotiate with them. Those are short-term arrangements until a vending place is realised. Vending booths should also be put on strategic areas.”


Manyenyeni added: “The city has been overwhelmed, the economy has pushed vendors to these levels, but the minister is working on an arrangement. My conclusion (after the tour) is that they have been forced into such circumstances. Its little business and those people are competing with each other.”





  1. NewsDay….. Please

    The quality of your pictures doesnt reflect the brand you are. They look like they are from a citizen journalist (smartphone). Have pride in your work. You can do better. Inga munombogona wani?

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  3. Zim politicians are pathetic to say the least; they are out of touch with communities they are supposed to lead. This piece gives the impression that this imbecile was not aware that the city is overrun by people struggling to make a living on the pavements. Dr Amai vakazviona nearly a year ago, where were you? If this useless mayor frequented his workplace he could have seen the people’s plight long ago ’cause all the photos are from the doorstep of townhouse

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