Phiri reads riot act


CAPS United president Twine Phiri on Friday read the Riot Act to his players and technical staff and directed errant individuals to leave the club if they were not happy with the prevailing working conditions.


Phiri disclosed this on the side lines of his team’s Castle Premiership encounter against Highlanders which the Green Machine won 1-0 at Barbourfields Stadium on Sunday.

“I had a meeting with the team on Friday and its purpose was to tell the players that Caps United is a big brand and there are people that have made sacrifices for the club.

“We don’t need jokers at Caps United. We need serious and committed people, that is what I was telling them,” Phiri said.

The Makepekepe boss said he even went to the extent of demanding the points that his players gave away when they refused to turn up for their Week 3 encounter against How Mine at Luveve Stadium last month.

“It is not Twine Phiri’s fault that our country’s economy is not in a good shape and people should be patient.

“Unfortunately, some have become personal and fingers have been pointed at me saying the situation at the club is of my own making, but it’s a national problem and the evidence is there right here in this stadium today (Sunday) because this is not the kind of crowd that one would expect at a Highlanders and Caps United game,” Phiri said.

The turnout at Barbourfields on Sunday was very poor considering the calibre of the teams in action, maybe due to the fact that the home team increased gate charges in a bid to boost their coffers.

The lowest ticket cost $5 up from $3, western stands were pegged at $10, while the VIP was $15.

To make matters worse, the match was screened live on SuperSport and fans decided to stay at home.

Phiri went on to assure the football fraternity that the unfortunate incident that saw his team failing to take to the field against How Mine would never happen again.

He added that as a result of the criticism that has come his way over his club’s financial dire straits, he had ended up challenging those that thought they could do better to buy him out.

“I have never failed in my life and for the team to be where it is it is because of the sacrifices that I have made.

“What happened in Week 3 is now water under the bridge (it) will never happen again because I am now hands on and you have my word on that,” Phiri said.

The Caps United supremo further said that plans have already been put in place to source funds from the team’s fans and well-wishers.

He said: “Caps United supporters chapters drawn from across the country met in Bulawayo before the game against Highlanders and came up with a plan to open an account where funds will be deposited.”

After establishing the programme locally, Phiri said their next target would be to target their fans in the Diaspora.

The Green Machine were not even sure if they would make the trip to the City of Kings on Friday night due to financial problems, but that was not evident at all as Stephen Makatuka delivered the solitary blow in the 26th minute of a closely fought contest.

In a post-match interview, a clearly elated Caps United coach Mark Harrison praised his players for the win.

“We deserved to win this game, make no mistake about that. We should have been three or four nil at half time.

“This is the best crew of players I have worked with in the world. Everything we have been going through in this football club shows the world that the players are phenomenal.

“They have gone through a lot and what they are delivering at the moment is equally phenomenal,” Harrison said.

After suffering his second home defeat at home to Chapungu by the same scoreline, Bosso coach Bongani Mafu said: “Goals were not coming for us. We need to get goals, they are not coming at all. We still created opportunities, but without scoring it’s not going to happen we need goals.

“I think it’s about confidence. We need to have a little bit of composure in front of goal and not to worry too much if we miss. I think the goal took the wind out of our sail and we went out of the way a little bit in the first half but I must say we played better football in the second half. We conceded a goal which we could have cut off so we need to work on those things.”


  1. We are willing to bail out our beloved team that we supported well before you bought it Phiri but watch your mouth. if you threaten my nephew in Harare you are aslo threatening me in the diaspora. be humble and talk the language of bringing the Caps family together. You may have made sacrifices but right now you have failed and we will help the team to survive. We have are working hard here organising the financial support of the team. we also have friends from Dynamos who are also pledging. Saka stop use threatening luanguage.

  2. Sometimes it is necessary to speak tough and act tough to stamp out anarchy! Congratulations CAPS United for winning against Highlanders! To Mr Mafu, you went behind the scenes to push off KK thinking you would take this job and deliver easily, so please deliver! Otherwise what haunted KK out will pay you a visit soon. My poor Dynamos, pummeled by the Game Cocks hey! Mandigora what went wrong? This never happened during Pasuwa’s era! You are sleeping on the job Yogi! We need much more serious commitment from you! How can we be beaten 3 without reply? If you want to lose the Dynamos job quickly please continue with this streak!

  3. The truth is that the crowd was poor simple because the home team is not worth watching these days. Until they start performing, the trend will continue, i will not waste my hard earned money on this bunch of losers, period!

  4. I am a Caps United suppoetr who should not be intimidated by other teams especially Highlanders and Dynamos.It should be brought to Twine’s attention that we have been with thids team otherwise before he came to Zimbabwe.This team had and has a lot of suppoerter and for him to sort of intimidating players does not pay off any thing.He should humble himself in front of the players because they are the ones that make him big.No player cmn play with an empty stomach so he should have the coutesy of telling the players what course of action the club will be taking whenever there is some problems.He should note that all along the club has been performing well but due to their ineffectiveness in paying them we lost some points unnecesarily.
    So this is a reminder to you Twine Phiri that do not run the club with an axe or a sword lest one day it will face you.

  5. Yes Abbie Makiwa you nailed it. Phiri’s language is very wrong. At football matches like Caps United and dynamos thats where we all meet and mingle as Zimbabweans from different social, political religion and educational backgrounds together. He must motivate the players and the coarch by using the right language since he can not do the same financially. We support the name Caps and the players not Phiri. As a footballing boss, i expect him to know better. The guy is very arrogant. He has no idea how much we love that name CAPS and the players. He is the one who is a joker here not the players. As a business man as well i expect him to know that a brand carries a price tag when it is still in demand. He must have sold Caps when it had a better value not now when he has run it down. who wants to buy something from you only because you are broke and desperate? it does not work like that. Any asset even a house can only be sold when someone has done a thorough analysis of his finacial position as well as expected financial benefit. Haasi mabhanzi anonzi ndirikutengesa vanhu votenga. Caps is a big name that requires a proper business person to take his time to tender his money. Phiri is not serious.

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