Nude pics threaten Miss World Zim


REIGNING Miss World Zimbabwe Emily Tatanga Kachote will be dethroned if it is proven that she is the one in the nude pictures reportedly circulating on the social media networks, organisers of the pageant have said.


This comes after Kachote’s alleged nude pictures have allegedly found their way into the public domain, alas in similar fashion to those of Thabiso Phiri, last year’s dethroned queen, who later quit.

Phiri quit barely a month into her reign amid a cloud of mystery with allegations of leaked nude pictures.

The drama saw three different girls holding the crown in the space of five months.

Phiri was replaced by Cathrine Makaya who also stepped down a few days before she was due to travel to the Miss World pageant and was promptly replaced by Tendai Hunda.

Speaking at a Press conference in Harare yesterday, the pageant’s spokesperson Tendai Chirau said they would sit down, look into the allegations and investigate further before making a decision.

“Our national chairperson Marry Chiwenga is currently outside the country on official business and she is coming back on Friday and when she returns we are going to sit down as a trust, but in the interim if we find that the allegations are true we will automatically dethrone her because we have some rules and regulations that govern the trust,” Chirau said.

Chirau said when they conducted the auditions across the country’s provinces the aspiring contestants were told not to participate in the pageant if they had ever posed nude.

“Regulation 5 for Miss World Zimbabwe Trust which also conforms to the one stipulated by Miss World states that professionally or socially in all forms of media posing nude, being in a relationship, sexual advances towards anyone and any behaviour categorised as immoral by Miss Zimbabwe Trust is grounds for instant disqualification and/or dethronement,” Chirau said.

“Delegates must maintain a high standard of moral and ethical behaviour which in nowhere reflects negatively upon Miss World Zimbabwe and Miss World Trust. All the 57 models that went into the boot camp signed a form with this information saying they have never done it.”

He said if their investigations and deliberations indicate that the 25-year-old Kachote posed nude they will follow rules they have made.

Unlike what happened last year, when the organisers had to conduct a rerun of the pageant, this year they are simply going to elevate the first princess.

The developments have left many Zimbabwean citizens with a negative attitude of the modelling sector.

Kachote’s crowning was received with mixed feelings from the day of her capping with social networks like Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook awash with comments suggesting that she would not make the grade at Miss World.

“Emily is a pretty girl, but she cannot represent the country at Miss World comparing her to other girls from South Africa among other countries,” read a post on Facebook.

For a long time there has been public condemnation over how the local modelling industry has been reduced to a platform for sexual exploitation of models.


  1. ‘Maintain a high standard of moral behaviour’…. Kikikikikikikikikikikiki.. Pfambi zvadzo dzanzwa nekupukutwa naKarikogagumiremacondom.

  2. We wondered how such an ugly girl won….now its out that she is just a loose slut who might hve flushed all the judges…..truth always comes out

  3. how do you tell that she is the one in the nude pictures given that the latest computer technology allows photo shopping,also never describe another black person as being ugly,thats xenophobic

  4. i think kana munhu abudirira musiyei akadaro because kutaura zvakaipa pamusoro pake she mighty lose confidence

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