1. Wasn’t Nssa heavily invested in Capital Bank?? Where is Capital Bank today?? Our gvt is taking us for granted……Nxaaa

  2. nssa must educate the masses and the government must ensure peopleget their dues from NSSA.

  3. NSSA is now losing it now. In an economy like Zimbabwe which is overbanked you want to create another bank. It would have been wise to create an entity or fund an entity in the manufacturing sector. I will be happy to hear that NSSA is taking over Kondozi Farm, or its investing in Aquaculture in Kariba or to hear that NSSA has something in F&B.

    Nway good luck…..

  4. pane arikuda kuba mari vakapedza kuba mari kulocal banks havo voda kuba futi mapension. Pane Benzi rinemasimba ririkufunga kukwereta mari yokuspinner. Mbwa idzi

  5. Me missing it here, you saying reason behind is that banks overcharge, instead of a 4% mark up, they go up to 18%, ha ha…ha that’s robbery. Shame on you banks!!!! But NSSA whats your solution? why not take these banks head on and tell them to ‘stop it ..stop it’? Are you telling the truth?

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