New book highlights significance of church


APOSTLE Pride Sibiya, the founder and president of Glory Ministries International, has just published an important book titled Why Should I go to Church?

Title: Why Should I Go to Church?
Author: Pride Sibiya
Publisher: Glory Ministries International
ISBN: 978-0-7974-6398-1

A lot of people who claim to be Christians, but insist that they would rather pray and worship God at home. In this book, however, Sibiya delves into the scriptures and demonstrates that the idea of being part of an assembly of believers was not man-made, but a divine instruction from God.

In only 75 pages, Sibiya uses scriptures to put his message across in a way that will leave a reader — particularly the Christian — in no doubt that going to church is an important spiritual transaction that has far–reaching implications in one’s life.

The book is broken into 14 chapters. The first 11 chapters constitute the book’s first section while the last four make up the second section in which the author deals with questions that people often have regarding church.

In the first section, the author shares compelling insights with simplicity and depth of revelation on why it’s important to be part of the church. Apart from this being a biblical command, Sibiya demonstrates the importance of unity, fellowship, sacraments, testimonials, sowing seeds, receiving encouragement, accountability and being equipped as the key reasons why believers should be in church.

In a church age where people are constantly moving from one church to the other, Sibiya shares insights into understanding when and how to leave a church.

This is an important book that every Christian should read as it will empower them to be able to answer questions from others regarding the necessity of going to church.

Apostle Sibiya shares insights from historical figures such as United States founding president Benjamin Franklin, musician Michael Bolton and English philosopher Thomas Paine to drive his points home. And they hit hard.

What comes out strongly in the book is that a Christian can neither play solitaire or be a lone ranger, but he needs other believers, that spiritual family, so that they can lead an authentic life of faith.

The book deals with vexing issues that Christians grapple with today, tackling deep-seated questions about choice of church and whether Saturday or Sunday is the God-ordained day of worship.

One of the most interesting topics tackled in the book is the one on the subject of church-hopping. Sibiya notes that it has been established that in developing countries, an average Christian often changes churches about 10 times. He highlights that while it has been established that some do it for genuine reasons, like when a church moves from the true biblical doctrines, others just move for superfluous reasons.

A charismatic preacher, teacher and motivational speaker, Sibiya has impacted countless lives across the world through his ministry.

He is a counsellor and lecturer who shepherds over 30 church assemblies under Glory Ministries International. He holds a Masters’ Degree from the University of Zimbabwe.

Why Should I Go to Church? is his third book after Let’s Talk About Sex Babe and His Glory, Our Vision.