Mutasa lashes out at Zanu PF for ignoring melting economy


EXPELLED former Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa, who is now fronting the People First project, has lashed out at the carefree attitude exhibited by the ruling party in the face of a melting economy that has left the majority of citizens struggling.


Mutasa, who claims to be the secretary for administration in the original and genuine Zanu PF, said ruling party officials continued with the destructive purges path at the expense or real bread and butter issues affecting many.

Since last year, several senior party officials have been expelled from Zanu PF in the bloodiest purge that also claimed the scalp of former Vice-President Joice Mujuru and several Cabinet ministers.

Close to 100 others have been handed suspensions ranging from two years to five years.

“Our nation is in a political and economic turmoil. Events that have unfolded, and continue to unfold in Zanu PF (2014), have ignited an acceleration of the self-destruction party, with untold consequences to the wellbeing of the nation,” Mutasa said in a statement yesterday.

“Instead of focusing on reviving the economy and the welfare of our people, our political leadership is focused on petty party factional wars. The current purges in Zanu PF (2014) reflect an on-going destructive political banter, which started in August 2014,” Mutasa, who refers to the purges as illegal, said.

Didymus Mutasa

He said false accusations were being levelled against different people targeted in the purge, adding that a spirited defence based on the liberation ideals and values was on the cards.

Mutasa said people have been struggling without any plausible solution being offered by those in power.

“Looking at the dire economic situation prevailing in the country and the rapid decline in the standards of living, one wonders whether the Zanu PF (2014) leaders still have a heart for the masses,” he said.

“In the face of an unprecedented drought, a desperate liquidity crunch and terrible power shortages, there is a clear leadership vacuum and lack of political will to solve these and a host of many other economic challenges.”

Mutasa added: “Instead of putting the welfare of the people first, the Zanu PF (2014) leadership is busy pursuing politics of hatred, intolerance, segregation and greed.”

The former State Security minister said the much-touted “multi-billion mega-deals” signed between Zimbabwe and several countries have brought nothing to the suffering citizenry.

He said the lack of clarity on government policies was scaring away investors, expressing concern on the whereabouts of journalist-cum-human rights activist Itai Dzamara who went missing in March.

“I am still worried about the continued silence on the whereabouts of Itai Dzamara. It is indeed very sad that the political leadership in Zanu PF (2014) have become intolerant and paranoid to this level,” Mutasa said.


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  2. One thing i like about politics is, today you are a hero and tomorrow you are a zero. This can happen to anyone and thats why you hear of African politicians looting like no body’s business becoz they panic and are not certain about the future. A politician with multiple farms could wake up tomorrow without anything. Politics can change suddenly. God is watching and no mortal being can dispute his decision. NOTHING LASTS FOREVER, NEVER!

  3. Mutasa should just shut up, for the past 35 years he has been part and parcel of the system he is now denouncing just because he got fired. He should be ashamed!

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