Mugabe wields axe, sends former ministers packing


The ruling Zanu PF party on Thursday night expelled seven more members bringing the number of those cut loose to more than 10.

The expulsions were spiced up by even more suspensions in what appears to be a continuation of the scramble to succeed Mugabe.

Those shown the exit door in the latest wave of purges include former ministers, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, Dzikamai Mavhaire and Olivia Muchena as well as provincial bigwigs, Ray Kaukonde, David Butau, Claudius Makova and Kudakwashe Gopo.

According to party information secretary Simon Khaya-Moyo, the politburo also decided to suspend former transport minister Nicholas Goche, Amos Midzi, Tendai Savanhu, Jaison Machaya, Kalisto Gwanetsa, Noah Mangondo and Munacho Mutezo among others for five years.

They are accused of being part of a group of leaders under the direction of former Vice-President Joice Mujuru, who sought to depose President Robert Mugabe violently including through an assassination attempt with assistance from western countries.

Mujuru has denied all the charges levelled against her, although she as expelled from the party without being given a chance to defend herself.

The former Vice-President was expelled along with then secretary for administration, Didymus Mutasa, spokesperson Rugare Gumbo and ex-war veterans’ chief, Jabulani Sibanda in a brutal purge that preceded Zanu PF’s December 2014 congress.

Khaya Moyo told journalists after the meeting that those suspended would remain ordinary members of the party.
“The politburo resolved to expel the comrades for fanning factionalism, causing division in the party and acting in a way that is contrary to the party principles,” he said.

“All these people who have been suspended remain ordinary party card-carrying members, including those who are MPs.
“We must not think that those who have been suspended are no longer members of the party.

“They are just not allowed to hold positions within the period of suspensions,” said the Zanu PF information chief.
The fight for Mugabe’s job has of late turned nasty as factions headed by Mujuru on one hand and another by her successor Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa went head to head amid political mudslinging and finger-pointing.
Khaya Moyo said more leaders will be suspended in the coming days.


  1. Simon Khaya is a funny fellow. He pretends to like Bob but his heart is with Mrs Mujuru. Had Khaya been a woman he would have gone for rich but stupid and ugly men for the sake of money!

  2. so what did these guys do to be fired. they said is it not time for president to go because we think he wants to put his wife in the high position. in zanu you are not allowed to say that. you cant say the president is wrong. you have to blindly lick his……………. what a shame. anyway these guys have been told now tour the line or else more things will happen to you like losing your farms etc. people do sell their souls for this mugabe man. where did he come from. me i just believe he meets certain spirits in his private room and soon they will promote him even to take a higher rank towards eternal endless life. you know.

  3. its so bad that christians in truth are not praying and a certain demon continues to rule this country. the only thing these christians can say in fear and defeat is to misquote certain scriptures like we should always pray for our leaders. ok. get to work christian, a certain demon is ruling you. some of you even preach that poverty is a demon but cant speack against people who promote it. its a shame

  4. They will all be dumped, one by one. That’s the ultimate price of cowardice. Some would rather die on their feet than die on their knees whilst others will chose to die on their knees.

  5. Did it as a surprise, if I did well tough luck. The MDC had it hook,line and sinker kkkkkkk. What a clever lot these guys are. They made MDC-T remember the constitution had a clause that can have members who had left them expelled. After the expulsion the MDC refused to take part giving ZANU PF all the seats available thru the vote, that was testing the water. After this it can still expel everyone from it’s party and have someone stand for re-election uncontested. I feel people are being taken for a ride here. But the be said ZANU mahwani. What a punch right there where it hurts most. !

  6. Munoona Zimbabwe irikubvira. Nyika yaisisina hutungamiri and all this shows kuti kune vasingade kuita wishes of the people. Problem yedu ndeyekuti nyika ino yaiswa mupocket mema Individuals vanozviona vari ivo private owners and vamwe vese masubjects. Asi regai muone kupera kwazvo. Ringai chete makati ziii! Huku yodya mazai ayo, katsi yodya vana vayo.

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  11. 5Ss yu re idiotic in thinking, which political party is not firing its bigwigs becoz they have challenged the leadership; ”no political freedom will satisfy the hungry masses….” VLADIMIR LENIN

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