Mugabe flies out again


President Robert Mugabe heads to Botswana today, a few days after returning from a long haul trip to Mali.


According to a statement by the Botswana government, Mugabe will visit the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) headquarters in Gaborone.

“President Mugabe’s visit will, among other things, afford him a chance to interact with Sadc staff in their working environment,” the statement said.

“He is expected to plant a tree at the headquarters garden, address Sadc staff and the Sadc executive secretary, Lawrence Tax, will later on address a Press briefing.”

Mugabe’s frequent trips abroad have been described as a burden to the strained fiscus and poorly timed because of the urgent economic crisis his government has to attend to.

But government officials insist the trips are unavoidable because the 91-year-old leader is the Sadc and African Union chairman.

Mugabe has since the end of 2014 been to the Far East five times and visited six African capitals. According to our sister paper, The Standard, before his Mali sojourn, Mugabe’s trips had cost the taxpayer over $50 million.


  1. In the country he faces haunted places so its better to remain in the skies and catch some sleep.

  2. This shows that zanu pf failed zimbabwe thats why they are creating confusion amongst themselves so as to draw people’s attention not to see their wrong doing. Asi nhaka ye vana vedu yauraiwa,hameno mwari ndivo vanoziva.

  3. President Khama must be cringing with this hobbit in his own backyard……lol…..kaharahwa aka kanosvota hakanyare apa njere ishoma.

  4. There goes uncle Bob…I like this guy, he does not give damn. Khama he comes uncle Bob, he will drive by your residence!!

  5. He is going to Botswana to plant a tree..Whilst our hospitals and roads are a death trap, parastatals are in intensive care being bled to death by zanu pf blood thirsty vampires.

    Convince me Zimbabwe is not a cursed country.

    • Sadly Zimbabwe is a cursed country. look! What fruit do we see in Zimbabwe? Zimbabwe is the SAD part of Sadc! For he has destroyed his land and slain his people!

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