Move to bring order in CBD commendable


Everyday I see council vehicles parked at prohibited pick-up and drop off points to make sure that commuter omnibus operators make use of designated terminuses.

At one of the undesignated points (mushika-shika), corner Mbuya Nehanda and Speke Avenue, people will be waiting for kombis which have low bus fares unlike at the Copa Cabana terminus where kombis will be charging a $1 which some people cannot afford.

I have also noticed that from the day the Harare City Council applied strict measures on all commuter omnibuses and taxi operators, there has been less congestion in the central business district.

There is relative order in the CBD because of this move. Council should keep up the good work.



  1. are you a council employee, or you do not transverse the cbd that much, may the council please do something about those small cars, may the designate a space for them to operate from rather than completely obstruct traffic, reverse and driving inthe opposite direction to traffic flow, its a nuisance, u are literally frightened of driving along l.takawira lest a careless driver scratches ur 5000 dollar inadequately insured ex-jap.

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