Mnangagwa warns Zimbos against turning into a nation of drunks


VICE-PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday warned against abuse of alcohol and turning Zimbabwe into a country of drunkards.


Speaking at the official opening of Wholesale Centre Liquor Club in Bulawayo, Mnangagwa also pledged to turn around Bulawayo’s industrial fortunes before the 2018 general elections to ensure a resounding victory for Zanu PF.

“We are making efforts to resuscitate Bulawayo before the 2018 elections so that we can win,” Mnangagwa told guests at the opening of city businessman Raji Modi’s liquor centre.

Zanu PF has not won any seats in Bulawayo since 2000 as the main opposition MDC-T turned the city into one of its strongholds.

“While I thank you for your attention and wish you a pleasant shopping experience, I caution you on drinking. A drinking national does not work normal hours. I wish that as a nation, we continue to divide our work between leisure and actual work,” he added.

“I, therefore, want to encourage Wholesale Centre Liquor Hub and all retailers in Zimbabwe to source and stock locally-produced goods wherever possible. Similarly, I believe that on their part local producers should endeavour to comply with quality and delivery requirement of retailers since trade is a mutually beneficial process.

“This is a significant achievement not only for business itself and its owners, but for the Zimbabwean economy as a whole.
This investment is very significant for Bulawayo, the ebbing industrial hub of Zimbabwe,” he said.

Bulawayo has experienced massive de-industrialisation over the past decade as several companies either shut down or relocated to other regions, throwing thousands of workers into the streets.

Several Zanu PF officials have in the past few weeks promised to revive the city’s industrial base blaming its collapse on alleged misgovernance by the main opposition MDC-T which dominates the council.


  1. Emmerson thinks he can revive Bulawayo industry after they systematically decimated it for the past 35 years and he can do it in 2 and half years, hey what is he taking, weed from Malawi of Jamaica? Chete it can only be said to Zimbos and they will sing all the way.


  3. Tsvangirai was right this Mnangagwa is lizard not a crocodile, the destroyed the industry and now he is daydreaming they can make it work again, a pothole is not a lake lizard.

  4. you cant turn the fortunes of byo when you were responsible for the gukuraunde thing mnangagwa. the original byo people will do it for themselves with or without the government. so dont try to ride on our agenda. you have sent useless people into this city and have made life difficult for our hard working council. they make our city dirty because they dont care and you tell us that you will revive byo. why not now

  5. i am disappointed with these self serving business people who are calling these useless politicians to our city as if they are angels. i for one i dont want them here. we rather suffer as city than have them tell us that they are the one who can do it for us. we as a city have remained the best without their help and will still make it without their help. stay away mnangagwa. here its either zapu or mdc.

  6. “We are making efforts to resuscitate Bulawayo before the 2018 elections so that we can win,” Mnangagwa told guests …..

    Is the purpose of industries to enable Zanu to win elections or is it for pple’s sustenance. Ngwena, your language sometimes is not appropriate. Chikaranga chakawandisa.

  7. when i am talking about self serving business people i am talking about these indians who will lick anything which will make them make more money from their cheating ways.

  8. this guy always proves to be a failure, master your sentiments bro before vomiting in front of the crowd. people are watching.

  9. same old story like a broken record. the tune has become redundantly monotonous yet nothing changes. Infact, wait a minute… do we do anything to win something here? we thinking of building a nation yet someone dwells on winning winning winning an eRection. shame shame shame. wither my country Zim. we are lost in the murky waters infested with crocodiles.

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  11. So it means if you dont win it will be back to square one? No reviving of the industries. Zvakaoma.

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