Mnangagwa is a small boy — Tsvangirai


OPPOSITION MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai yesterday took a swipe at Vice-President Emmerson Mnangangwa describing him as a “small boy” with no political clout to challenge for the Presidency.


Addressing a No reforms No Elections campaign rally in Kuwadzana, Harare, Tsvangirai said: “I told Mnangagwa one word that I don’t compete with you. 1st division does not compete with 4th division.”

“If (the 2018) elections come with Mnangagwa as President, I will give him (former Kwekwe Central MP Blessing) Chebundo. I beat (President Robert) Mugabe and then Mnangagwa, please let’s be fair. Chebundo trounced Mnangagwa in two successive elections for the Kwekwe Central seat before the latter relocated to Zibagwe-Chirumanzu constituency.

“That man doesn’t even have a vision, he doesn’t have a clue. The man is empty,” he said.

This comes amid reports that Mnangagwa was angling to succeed Mugabe. The former Premier also blasted pioneers of the Organisation of African Unity which has since been renamed African Union accusing them of only fighting for political freedom at the expense of other basic freedoms including economic emancipation. He singled out the late Ghanaian leader Kwame Nkrumah of letting down the continent by seeking political freedom at the expense of economic freedom.

“The leader of Ghana said seek ye the political freedom first and everything will follow, but is that true or is that prophetic? Seek ye everything first not only the political freedom but also economic freedom.

“Was Nkrumah right? Was he wrong? He was very wrong because he set a very bad vision. Political freedom without economic freedom is wrong,” Tsvangirai said.

“Zimbabwe in 1980 got political freedom, but in 2015 we are all crying for economic freedom. There is nothing in that. People don’t eat the flag or the national anthem, but they want jobs.

“The liberation struggle is gone and what is left is the fight to get economic freedom,” said Tsvangirai. He said Mugabe’s generation had now overstayed and should pass the baton to younger generations.


    • Guys like Tsvankton are totally ignorants and not deserving of a listen. Every time he open mouth a lot of die riya it come out, everywhere. A big sellout, this silly boy. Now he fug the Renewal, and Mangoma take leadership for new MDC party to greet the weevils. Plus a new gamatox. Yes, please.

      • Where are the 2 million jobs? Who is more pathetic someone who says thongs without authoritiy (not in government) or someone who promises 2 million jobs has the authority but cannot deliver.

  1. tsvangirai yu’re pathetic. you vitriol against kwame nkrumah shows just how empty headed you are. your argument against nkrumah is childish and very foolish. kuchikoro ndimi mainzi madofo emakoko!!

    • I thought someone was going to stand up and tell the truth, Kwameh Nkurumah and Patrice Lumumba thought of political freedoms and their leadership only. If you read how they fell, it was because they had shown traist followed by most African leaders handiende, crafting laws which made them demi-Gods.Mugabe talked late of economic freedom when he had already destroyed the economy.

    • I ask. Where are the 2 million jobs? Who is more pathetic someone who says thongs without authoritiy (not in government) or someone who promises 2 million jobs has the authority but cannot deliver.

    • Save is kind..He did not mention that Nkurmah was a thief! Those in Ghana remember him more for this than anything else. Of course it was refreshing to hear the views of Mrs Mongela the former president of the Pan African parliament about African leaders who trash their contries’ constitutions. One hope she becomes the new president of Tanzania. She pulled all stops to name Nkuruziza and those of his ilk as savages who are holding the continent to ransom and sending it to the stone age. She was also very clear about the authors of the murder of those 800 souls in the ‘Murdertarrenean’..If Africal leaders like the one in Eritrea, Burundi, Uganda, Cameroon and other ugly spots were kicked out of the AU it will not be too soon. Why should one man rule till he is dead? We need more Mongelas in places of authority. Is it not said good leadership should reproduce itself. We urge the media to expose these ‘welded to presidency’ despots. It is sickening!

      • In addition to the it not a tad embarrassing to those around this guy that the Burundis is only 51 years old which makes him the modern face of the presidency in a continent where rulers die in office. Why should he be allowed to embarrass himself and all of us in this primitive fashion that he will kill all that he pretends to rule to stay in office like his senior neighbours Dos Santos in Angola and Museveni in Uganda. This blasts an ugly wedge in the argument that those who are young are modern. This is the kind of modernity Burundi and Africa at large can do very well without! Kick this guy out of the AU, he deserves no less!

  2. Ipapo save! For the first time, we have someone brave to deconstruct the myth around the big African founders: Nkwame Nkrumah had no vision at all. This explains why he was overthrown by his own army. Don’t call Tsvangirai a fool because you disagree with him: after all who said everyone who endorsed Nkrumah is a wise one for that matter? what’s Nkrumah anyway?

  3. Haaa Save vaakugona kutaura. Zero Brain I guess that’s your real name. Nkrumah surely lacked vision. if he was visionary he could have realized there is more to political freedom than just flying a flag and changing the national anthem.
    I salute this guy Tsvangirai for one reason that he is the only man that has managed to bring constructive criticism in our dead government.
    To show that he is a force to reckon in the history of Zimbabwe politics, he is not contesting in the by elections but everyone is busy denouncing someone not contesting. tell people what you have to offer than shout at Tsvangirai and MDC. its a fact that when the GNU was operation the economy had stabilized. Thanks to the young a new minds that where in governance.
    The country is bleeding and you are busy using God’s name in vain. You think it pleases God to see Zanu PF in Power with everyone suffering and everyone a vendor.
    You should be ashamed of yourselves and truly u have failed a once great nation. Had never imagined myself admiring Zambia in terms of development. but look what is happening in that country while our leadership bask in Lost glory.
    Shame on you. Hear our prayers Oh Lord!

  4. Did you hear how this AU celebrated when a a certain dude from one of these small countries said it is better to misrule ourselves than to be ruled well by a foreigner, this was Nkurumah’ menatlity. And hey I once said it some years back that these so called OAU fathers were just a bunch of tyrannies. Zero Brain – I hope this description is not yours- research why Kwameh Nkurumah was deposed, don’t read it from a biased point of view. It was when he wanted to entrench power to himself only thinking he was the only fit to rule Ghana.25 May is a shameful day to celebrate. We are kicking and crying to be enslaved in Europe.

  5. thank for being brave morgan. the zanu people are to challenge you without thinking of what you are really saying. blind followers. some their press will be saying you want to return the country to the whites. anywhere evil will not continue winning over good. good is soon to take over.

  6. Its good to criticize our leaders and we must not be afraid to do that. We don’t want “YES” people in Zimbabwe. Let us not just follow blindly what they would do or say just because he is the the President of Zimbabwe or Africa Union or SADC. Mr. Tsvangirai is right in what he is saying. In Zimbabwe we have political commentators who just say yes to everything said by the ruling party or Herald. Read what the Herald is saying with what Tsvangirai has just said and the so called political commentators. Chokwadi chinogwadza always. Tsvangirai has just told us the truth about African leaders. Ichi ndicho chokwadi manje. In zimbabwe, the President has come up with different policies and not all of them are good. People should feel free to criticise but not for the sake of criticising. Haangazogoniwo zvese.

  7. Tsvangirai has a point here guyz. For so any years we have been in tenacles of poverty because we celebrated political achievements more, and even creating political demigods like Mugabe. Not knowing that, there is politics of the stomach. The big question is: What is indepedence and late alobe Africa if childrem of Africa are unemployed, dieing because of xenophobia, perishing ships while trying to escape economic hardship etc.. Pple like Mugabe should work up and smell the coffee. We were supposed to be celebrating economic dominance in this century not ‘over burdened by this tag of Africa a continent of poverty and political witching hunting’

  8. Tsvangirai is wrong, Zim has neither economic nor political freedom. All of us giving comments here have to use fake names for fear of being tracked down & disappearing ‘Itai Dzamara’ style due to political repression

    • Changara the Elder kkkkk. Ukaisa blackman then kucabinet zvibhakera zvoga zvoga mavice presidents maministers masenators maMP vanonzwa nekumamiswa gore iroro bvunza isu vari kukwekwe ingori quick quick quick

  9. Africa is it’s own enemy. Africa is in the doldrums, with millions wallowing in poverty because of leadership without a vision, a leadership that is self-centered with no regard at all for the future generations.

  10. @Cde Hondo i concur with you bigtime, the problem is, we were to overwhelmed by our attaining of our independence, at the extent of idolising and heo worshing no heroes. Its hightime that we should unite and fight this mess to secure a better future for our children.

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  12. here common sense matters most E.D defeated by Chebundo in Kwekwe central is not surprising, even Mr Morgan could have been defeated by ‘Cremora’ if he had decided to contest in Makoni north. if the two decide to met in 2018 i mean E.D and mr Morgan, at national level i dont see a small boy there!

  13. At least Tsvangaz can see that economic freedom is the way.But it took him years to do so.But economic freedom means majority control of the country’s economic sector which he was against of .

  14. isn’t “economic freedom” equivalent to “Indegenization and empowerment”???

    ZANU PF CHIBABA BABA!!!!, IT takes revelation to support ZANU PF, long live GUSHUNGO…u re awesome!!

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