Mliswa tears into Mujuru


FORMER Zanu PF Mashonaland West chairman Temba Mliswa yesterday tore into former Vice-President Joice Mujuru for failing to defend former ruling party officials who were purged for allegedly supporting her.


Addressing a Press conference in Harare, Mliswa, who is contesting the Hurungwe West June 10 by-election as an independent candidate following his expulsion from Zanu PF, blasted Mujuru for keeping her supporters in the dark over her future political plans.

Mliswa was fired alongside Mujuru and 16 ministers and deputies on charges of plotting to remove President
Robert Mugabe from power unconstitutionally.

The purge affected several top party officials including nine provincial chairpersons perceived to be part of the alleged plot.
Mliswa charged that Mujuru should have stood up for axed officials and stopped the expulsions.

“Mai Mujuru has been quiet, but I believe in leaders who stand up for the people,” Mliswa said.

“If you go through a list of the number of people who suffered because of her, they are many. I sat down with my uncle (Didymus Mutasa) and said you were part of the (Zanu PF) politburo and when I was suspended what did you say? What did Mujuru say to defend me if people said I belonged to her? What did Simon Khaya Moyo (Zanu PF spokesperson) say since he was part of us?”

He said leaders should be ready to stand for the people.

“I back leaders who are prepared to stand for us and ask what wrong did he do? They were silent until all of us went and they went too and now they want to fight back and want us to join them in their fight. I will never, not me,” he said.

Turning to the current Zanu PF fights, Mliswa claimed the fissures were being caused by the party’s national commissar Saviour Kasukuwere and secretary for administration Ignatius Chombo who were fighting for control as they both angled to take over the presidency.

Both Chombo and Kasukuwere could not be reached for comment as they were attending a politburo meeting, but they are on record denying harbouring presidential ambitions .

About the violence in Hurungwe West, Mliswa said he was preparing a dossier of evidence of the violence perpetrated by Zanu PF candidate Keith Guzah whom he wants disqualified from the contest.


  1. Makudo ndemamwe..ana Mliswa maakuda kubyza vanhu kunge musiri zvivharo..mese vakadzingwa vacho are a bunch of thugs your ideologies are of dictatorship…dindingwe kkkkkkkkkkkkk

  2. Zvakatanga muma80s Mugabe achirova MaNdebele mukati maNdebele anopenga havadi kutongwa navaMugabe rega zvikiiwe, Mukati mumaelections a1990 Tekere Zum yaanetsa, vaMugabe vakarova mukati zvakanaka, tikati 2000 tikarova Varungu tikati rovai vaMugabe titore minda yedu. Tikachidashura chematama 2000s, tikati rovai zvenyu mdhara anozviitisa munhu uyo. Nhasi torohwa ndisu hee democracy, hee support from our leaders, here ZANU iMafia, hee m gathering evidence against maperpetrators e violence muHurungwe West, wakanganwa Mliswa when you globe trotting necamera yajournalist mazuva eCOPAC wayifunga kuti zvinoperera kupi nhasi ndiwe wakuda sympathy yedu, support yemaleaders ako who were quite at every turn when people were being victimized rohwa urinyama iwee

  3. I used to think it was a strategy but of late I am seeing a coward in her. Last time she said don’t push me, but she must be aware that many have become victims because of her. If she has some idea she would rather advise them and tell them to fight it alone and she goes farming. Or she has too many skeletons in the cupboard to raise a head,

  4. lets not rush this lady to say what has to say. she might be waiting for the right moment. in Nbebele we say inhlwa kayibanjwa ngekhanda. this lady might be carrying a lot for Zimbabwe. whether she has or not things will soon be good for us.

  5. Zanu ayidi dzungu! Elections arikure 2018. Zanu inoda covert underground operations dzakasimba and 6 months to an election mongotii bvuuu unga moto. Vakakuziya nhasi munonzvirira varume.

  6. honesty speaking the young man has a point, as long they are still in they play quite at the expense of others, i support Temba not to join them when they want his support. Leaders has to defend and protect their followers. i unfortunately don’t subscribe to this thing called “quiet diplomacy” not in Zimbabwe, No! There is no right time like now. So many causalities have happened already so why wait. Khaya Moyo, Mohadi, Chombo, etc are all Gamatox in the Politburo but they are silent they will only talk after being expelled as hinted by Tyson few days ago, masquerading as leaders No! To hell guys!

  7. Honestly, why the rush? She should keep them guessing. These unending expulsions just confirms that her silence is having a good effect.

  8. Of course Mrs Mujuru is the mother of all cowards. Her hubby was braaied and she has been insulted left right and centre but she chooses to keep quiet. Why, Teurai Ropa, why?

  9. Mai Mujuru is not presidential material becoz she is scared of what might happen to her if she opens her mouth no leader should be a coward, Temba is a small boy with a BIG mouth, Mutasa ate enough with zanu its ok yakamusvipa

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