Mliswa seeks court’s protection


FORMER Hurungwe West MP Temba Mliswa has approached the High Court seeking the court’s intervention to evict Zanu PF activists who invaded his Spring Farm in Karoi last Wednesday taking over his restaurant, a service station, a lodge and farming equipment.


Mliswa filed an urgent chamber application for spoliation and an interdict against the party members last Thursday and the matter is set to be heard before High Court judge Justice Chinembiri Bhunu on Monday next week.

In the court application, through his lawyers, the former parliamentarian cited Nigel Murambiwa, Chinjayi Kambuzuma, Tapiwa Masenda, Silas Chimbiro, officer-in-charge Karoi Police Station and the Minister for Lands, Land Reform and Resettlement in the President’s Office as respondents.

“The applicant (Mliswa) has been deprived of control over his farming and other business operations at Spring Farm and the applicant cannot use or protect his farm equipment and all other belongings at the farm and the applicant cannot enter the homestead which has been taken over by the first to the fourth respondents (Murambiwa, Kambuzuma, Masenda and Chimbiro),” Mliswa said in his application.

“The applicant stands to suffer irreparable losses if he continues to be deprived of possession of his farm and all the immovable and movable property thereon as well as his crops which have reached harvesting stage. Applicant has no other remedy available to him offering similar or better protection.”

The former MP, who registered to stand as an independent candidate during the forthcoming June 10 Hurungwe West by-elections, said before the invaders pounced on his farm last week, he was in peaceful possession of his property.

According to court papers, upon their arrival at the farm, the Zanu PF activists ordered all patrons who were in the restaurant to leave and the staff to shut down all operations.

After locking the restaurant, the group is said to have proceeded to the lodge where they allegedly ordered all the clients that were booked for the night to leave the place.

Mliswa said the gang locked the lodge and proceeded to his house where they broke the locks at the gate and took occupation of the residence.

“As we speak, all 400 cattle at the farm remain locked up with no access to pasture,” Mliswa said.

He further said on the day in question, the four men took total control of the farm, stoned his driver’s motor vehicle, tore down his election campaign posters and replaced them with their own preferred candidate Keith Guzah

“. . . they (the respondents) continue to illegally occupy my farm and threaten violence against me, my family and anyone who dares get in their way with impunity,” he said.


  1. I sympathise particularly with the cattle that are locked up with no access to pasture.Everything else is not knew here,it happened to the whites when they were forcibly evicted from these farms.Bad as it is,it is consistent with the mode Zimbabwe has been in since 2000.Zimbabwe is in self destruct mode courtesy of President Mugabe’s policy of retaliation.

  2. am worried about the cattle. the other issues are nothing coz mliswa was also a member of a party that went on a grabbing rampage. he should have read the Holy Bible ” do unto others as you would want them do unto you”. but mombe hadzo hadzina mhosva

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  4. zanu give,zanu take.
    Mupfumi give,mupfumi take ambulance. Kkk… Kasukuwere,obert,chombo,chihuri,chiwenga you can laugh for now but yo day is coming too, even mai mjuru din see it coming so loot all you want and no one will stop you for now but believe me or not your day is coming to be like mliswa and what u did to the white farmers. What goes around comes around and do unto others as u want done unto you.

  5. If you live by the sword, you lo surely die by the same sword. Can noises tell his reader how much he bought the farm? How long did he sweat to built the beautiful farmhouse. How much was each head when he bought the cows?

  6. hey as zanu pf members lets take note that the land issue is a gimmick to buy votes.. The land question is still not resoved as long as it is partisan. The other point is that mliswa started bouncing the ball now he can not reach out for the ball and is asking for help. Let him taste his own medicine. It shows that thuggery rule affects us all like death!

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