MDC-T councillors vow to resist proposals to vacate seats


MDC-T councillors have vowed to resist proposals to withdraw from local authorities as part of the main opposition party’s “strategic” campaign to force Zanu PF out of power for failing to run the economy.


There is talk underway in the MDC-T to call all its remaining MPs and elected councillors to withdraw from Parliament and councils respectively so that they start mobilising for the 2018 elections.

Councillors who spoke to NewsDay yesterday said there was no reason for the party to even suggest that move as it would mean the end of the MDC-T.

One councillor said although there had been no communication on the proposal yet, the officials pushing the idea behind the scenes were “dreaming”.

“Withdrawing from zones of autonomy isn’t the best thing to do. We can withdraw from Harare, Bulawayo or Mutare, for example, but that will be a disservice to the people. If I were the party leader (Morgan Tsvangirai), I would maintain the status quo. We participated in the election and we can’t now say, let’s go out of office,” the councillor said.

Council chief whip for Harare Peter Moyo said he could not comment as there was no position communicated to city fathers regarding the issue of withdrawing from Town House.

However, sources aware of the intended move, said plans to withdraw from Parliament and council were being orchestrated by forces outside the two institutions. “Those calling for that are outside Parliament or council and their argument is not a progressive one,” another councillor said.

Last month, the MDC-T, in its national council meeting, received proposals for pulling out from Parliament and councils to pile more pressure on Zanu PF.

MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu yesterday said: “The idea is still under debate. Only the national council has the constitutional mandate to make an appropriate resolution. To date, no resolution has been made.”


  1. It is really overdue for the MDC-T to carryout such a move as it is good riddance for Zimbabwe. The sum effect of such a move is positive to Zimbabwe’s economic development as the country will have been freed from this quisling entity.

  2. Pulling out or recalling members is a stupid move that can only help to sow division by creating animosity as some members are worried about losing benefits as councilors and MPs. The best thing is not to participate in elections from now own. It was a very stupid move to recall the Renewal fellows as no benefit was gained. If anything, the electorate only realised that Tsvangirai was mean-spirited and vindictive. A significant number of people are therefore doubting Tsvangirai’s suitability as leader.

    • I agee with you on the idea not to recall councillors but come on the recall of those 21 MPs was very good because how can they enjoy benefits of the party they dumped cant you see its unfair to Dr Tsvangirai and even those remaining MPs who lost seats in 2013 and generally the Dr Tsvangirai led faction………food for thought

    • Greg, you are so angry that I can’t tell whether you being objective or defending your territory. Words like “stupid” etc have no place in modern society. We look more at the point than vitriol. Suggest if you want to be taken seriously in future, just state your point and leave the rest to the reader.

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