Mangoma ‘sex scandal’ sparks bloody fight


THERE was drama at the MDC Renewal Team offices in Harare yesterday when the party’s treasurer-general Elton Mangoma was allegedly physically assaulted by an executive member of the party who accused him of adultery.


MDC Renewal Team youth leader Believe Tevera accused Mangoma of snatching his 20-year-old wife Yemurai Maravanyika.

Scores of people passing by the opposition party’s offices in Eastlea were treated to free drama with the area resembling a
“war zone” as Mangoma loyalists fought back after his alleged assault.

Mangoma could not be reached for comment last night, but Tevera denied allegations that he assaulted the former Energy minister, saying he only pushed him away in self-defence.

Tevera said he had only gone to the party offices to submit a petition to interim party leader Samuel Sipepa Nkomo calling on him to subject Mangoma to a disciplinary hearing for allegedly wrecking his marriage.

“I handed the petition to (Reneal Team secretary for cadreship and ideology) Last Maengehama. When Mangoma saw me, he charged at me demanding to know what I wanted at the party offices,” Tevera claimed.

“He pushed me and I pushed him back. He hit a window and it broke, cutting his head. He is full of drama. I did not beat him.”

Tevera said Mangoma’s supporters pursued him and his friend as they left the offices.

“When I was going out, I saw a group of youths charging at us. We tried to flee, but they caught up with us,” he said.

“I was rescued by a certain man who produced a gun. They assaulted (former Zimbabwe National Students’ Union [Zinasu] president) Pride Mukono and stole his mobile phone and wallet that had $50 in it.”

Tevera said he reported the matter at Harare Central Police Station under case IR No 051347.

He said he had earlier filed a case against Mangoma at Glen View Police Station after the former MDC-T deputy treasurer threatened him.

Maravanyika told NewsDay that Tevera was not her husband and also refuted allegations she was dating Mangoma.

“First and foremost, Tevera is not my husband. He is only my child’s father,” Maravanyika said. “Second, I am not going out with Mangoma.”

MDC Renewal Team sources who refused to be named told NewsDay that the drama started around 11am when Tevera, in the company of Mukono, stormed the party offices.

Mangoma was reportedly sitting with senior officials Lucia Matibenga and Shakespeare Maya waiting to attend a management meeting.

“We saw Tevera and another guy coming from that direction (western direction) and raced into the offices,” the source said.

“Within a short while, we heard Tevera shouting at the top of his voice asking Mangoma why he was having an extramarital affair with his wife.”

“We rushed in, we found Mangoma bleeding from the head with some windows in the boardroom shattered.”

Tevera and Mukono, the officials said, hastily left the room, with Mangoma, who was nursing his wounds, rushing towards his car.
“Immediately, we saw a group of about 10 youths who were in a car parked by a nearby supermarket charging towards the party offices,” the source said.

“They demanded to know who had assaulted Mangoma, to which someone said they were Zinasu guys.

“They started attacking Makomborero Haruzivishe, the son of Alfonce Haruzivishe, who is the national co-ordinator.

“They only released him (Haruzivishe) after they were told that he was not the one who assaulted Mangoma.

“By that time, Tevera and his friend were now at the supermarket’s parking area, close to escaping when the gang pursued them and started assaulting them.

“They were only rescued by one of the passers-by who produced a gun.”

The sources said 10 youths were involved in the attack and had been seen in a Nissan pick-up truck near the offices before Tevera and his friend arrived.

Police arrived 30 minutes later when the situation had already calmed down.

When NewsDay arrived in the afternoon, the management meeting was in progress, but without Mangoma.

MDC Renewal Team spokesperson Jacob Mafume said the party could only address Tevera’s case after it had been dealt with by the police.

“We have seen the allegations in the Press. The husband has also approached us and we have advised him that we can only act after the matter has been addressed in a court of law,” he said.

Mangoma left the main opposition MDC-T after he was assaulted by party youths for demanding that Tsvangirai should resign.

He wrote to Tsvangirai accusing him, among many other allegations, of being a womaniser whose flirtation with those of the opposite sex was bringing irreparable damage to the party’s brand.


  1. I was wondering whatever happened to Shakespeare Maya… He is a Renewal gamatox! Kikikikikikikikikikikikikikikiki…….

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  3. Suddenly Tevera has become father of my son but not husband, but you left them for Mangoma? This is what most women do when they cheat and they are caught, they deny their husbands, but for reporters it is easy to get this, is she really wife to Tevera or not.

  4. mangoma should not behave like a now seems violence is now the way of settling disputes in zimbabwe.what a legacy zanu and mugabe will leave for this country.

  5. Teverai vana Mangoma venyu ivavo muone dondo ramucharova.kkkkk. mirror mirror on the wall…. now we know who is the most violent of them all.

  6. As the Renewal youths caught up with the fleeing Tevera, a man with a gun appeared on the scene and rescued him. Who is he?

    • Zvenyika ino ndazvitya uyu ainyora achishoropodza Tsvangi zvino arikukwama mukadzi wemunhu kusvika mukadzi pakusiya mwana nekuda vatungamiri. Apa dhirama rose rakaitika pahofisi zvaida kamera. Gang wars Zinasu yopindira regai vafana ava vasvi#irwe vakadzi nevaneNgoma

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