Mangoma freed on $1 000 bail


MDC Renewal Team treasurer-general Elton Mangoma yesterday appeared at the Harare Magistrates’ Court facing allegations of criminal abuse of office allegedly committed during his tenure as Energy and Power Development minister.


Mangoma was not asked to plead when he appeared before Harare provincial magistrate Vakai Chikwekwe, who remanded him out of custody to June 15 on $1 000 bail.

As part of his bail conditions, he was also ordered to surrender his passport and to report at Harare Central Police Station once every Friday.

Through his lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa, Mangoma immediately gave notice of his intention to challenge the constitutional validity of a profiling form which he was made to fill in by the police.

Mtetwa also lodged a complaint against the police saying the demands of the form were an infringement to the rights and privacy of an accused person.
“Every accused person is now profiled through a profiling form which asks questions that are not related to the offence.

“Some of the questions include full banking details and whether one has a girlfriend or boyfriend,” Mtetwa said.

Allegations against the former Energy minister are that sometime in August 2012, the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Centre (ZETDC) floated a tender for the appointment of a third party pre-paid electricity vendor with a closing date of October of the same year.

However, in September 2012, and before the closure of the tender, Mangoma is alleged to have directed ZETDC accounting officer Julian Chinembiri to cancel the tender for the procurement of third party electricity vending.

The State alleges, instead, Mangoma instructed Chinembiri to hand-pick OK Zimbabwe without going to tender and his move led to the cancellation of the tender by the State Procurement Board on September 27, 2012.

OK Zimbabwe was then appointed the third party pre-paid electricity vendor on December 20, 2012, as per Mangoma’s alleged instruction.


  1. The case does not hold any water. ZETDC’s Chinembiri is not serious. How could he accept verbal instructions of that nature? Mangoma will walk scot-free. His major benefit is that he will appear as being persecuted by the regime. That will raise his political profile!

  2. For those in the know this is not a clear cut case but daylight persecution! OK Zimbabwe sold prepaid electricity as a pilot project at Ngezi, Fife Avenue and another third site for the bigger project that was then cancelled by Mavhaire and given to Powertel, who should have been disqualified? Zimbabweans need to know that if it was not for MANGOMA there would be no prepayment electricity today and that is what he is being persecuted for by those who never used to pay their electricity bills?

  3. Mr. Elton Mangoma, I respect you and will pray for you so that your persecutors will never know peace. They might have some semblance of peace in this world but will have no peace in the life to come.

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