THERE is total madness at Caps United.These are the words of coach Mark Harrison after another embarrassing day on Sunday when the team arrived in batches, with some players in a pick-up truck for the Premier Soccer League match against Buffaloes at Sakubva Stadium.


They eventually forced a nil-all draw, their second goalless draw after a tie against Hwange last Thursday at Gwanzura.

Since last Thursday, the team did not train and Harrison only met the players in Mutare on Sunday.

Five senior players — Hardlife Zvirekwi, George Nyirenda, Dominic Mukandi, Gerald Phiri and Steven Makatuka — are alleged to have initially refused to travel to Mutare, but later arrived at the stadium in a pick-up truck.

“I think what is happening at the club are total madness. Just imagine we did not even meet since Thursday after our Hwange match. We did not train and we only met today (Sunday) and the players were demanding their dues,” he said.

“The financial problems facing the club are killing us. They are distracting everything, the fact that we have not been paid our dues, we are owed a lot of money. Theoretically, the club has violated all the players’ contracts and theoretically, we are now on the market. We can’t just carrying doing this. It just a difficult moment for us and we are fighting fires every day.

“I think you have just seen it today (Sunday). We had five players who were behind and we had to plead to the players to come here (Mutare) as they did not want to come. They were just protesting over their money they are owed by the club.”

Well documented financial challenges are derailing Caps United’s campaign this season after the side’s players boycotted the match against How Mine in a humiliating incident that has since raised questions like whether Twine Phiri, the club owner, is still financially sound to continue sponsoring the club.

However, Phiri recently read the riot act to his players, demanding a change of attitude. Phiri was not reachable for comment yesterday.

Caps United, after their 0-0 draw against Buffaloes on Sunday, are occupying eighth position with 13 points from nine matches.


  1. In as much as i am a die hard CAPS fan i think i haqve finally reached my saturation patience for Twine Phiri and i duely he should sell this struuggling makepekepe. Zimbabwean football is all about pumping out money and now i thionk TP is not able to do this. However i would love to thank you TP for the past 15 years you have struggled with the team but with due respect can you please EXIT the green machine before it is relaged and i assure you… are never going to get any cent from the franchise once it sinks….wake up and smell the coffee TP.


    A demonstration is going to be held so that we address the welfare of our players and the gaffer Harrison if intrested and you want to be part of this drop your number and we will add you in the group so that you are made aware of when, how, where the protests are going to be held

    reasons being: THE HOWMINE BOYCOT


  3. I am a DeMbare fan, but what i see happening at CAPS United is very worrying. Let’s face it all the other teams may fail or get relegated at the end of the season, but not DeMbare, CAPS or Bosso. If any of these three teams are not strong, the PSL would not be exciting. The likes of FC Platinum, Triangle, etc may play fantastic soccer, but still that cannot be compared to a situation where those big three are strong. Mr. Phiri, please do something. There are players and their families to think of. There are CAPS fans, who have sacrificed a lot to attend CAPS matches and supported the team through thick and thin, to think of. There is Zimbabwean football to think of. Why not sell the majority shares to others? I know it’s not easy to let go, but in this case you have to.

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