Macdee on gospel promotion crusade


TOP producer and Eternity Studios recording stable owner Macdonald “Macdee” Chidavaenzi has released a 10-track compilation album that blends experience and new voices on the gospel music scene, marking the first volume of his Eternity New Generation project.


The compilation album, which features local gospel heavyweights Pastor G and Sabastian Magacha, was released on May 1 in a bid to promote recognition of five potential singers whom Macdee believes are destined for greatness.

These include Diva Size, Shalom Gorejena and Patience Mandizha, who are part of the new talent that Macdee is seeking to expose.

“This is one of the many compilations we are going to do as a stable as we try to help out new artistes and the best way we saw fit was to fuse them with already established musicians,” he said.

“Each of these artistes has a certain direction which they are going in and that is why I have chosen to start with them. I avoid bringing something which people will look at as copied material.”

He implored already established musicians to keep up with the international standards in their video productions and lyrical content because substandard material was a major setback that had stunted growth in the local music industry.

“Some foreign television stations have approached me asking for material, but I have not been able to forward anything because our standards are not good enough. I am not saying we should copy foreign material, but we should produce quality music videos without compromising who we are,” he said.

Macdee bemoaned self-praise as an immense glitch that has hindered many from progressing to greater heights in the music industry as they jeopardise the art for fame.

Meanwhile, Pianos Jaravaza, a gospel artiste who is part of the compilation and Eternity New Generation project, will this Saturday conduct a live DVD shoot for his second album at Reps Theatre in what is promising to be a gospel galore as many artistes are billed to perform.