Leadership experts co-author motivational book


MULTI-GIFTED youth leader Jonathan Ralph Kadurira and passionate writer Kudzai Portia Gurure have combined voices to pen a book that will help many to appreciate the importance of beginnings and the need to have the staying power to see through an idea to its finalisation.

Title: Mind Blower: The Beginning
Authors: Jonathan Kadurira & Kudzai Gurure
ISBN: 978-1508743859

While many people in life often neglect — or trivialise — the beginning of any initiative, Kadurira and Gurure contend that therein lie the seeds of the project’s success.

In many ways, this book may be a “first” in Zimbabwe where the dominant literary tradition favours single authored books while in multi-authored books you predominantly have an author contributing a single entry.

In Mind Blower: The Beginning, however, you have two authors taking turns to share their thoughts and ideas from the beginning right through to the end of the book.

In probably another “first” — apart from attributing a particular chapter using the name of the author — they have gone a step further by using different font styles for the chapters.

The two authors extensively draw from their Christian faith to express their ideas and thoughts. What comes out strongly in the book is that as human beings, we have that divine nature of God which allows us to speak things into being.


Kadurira argues that many people fail to progress in life because they hold on to the past: He writes: “Whenever God is starting afresh with you, He blots out and does not remember your past. Why then should you let yourself hold on to the past? Even he that is born again becomes a new creation and the Word goes on to say the old has passed away!”

He notes that many people have grown weary of making New Year’s resolutions because the plans they would have made in the past had not come to fruition. He, however, challenges such people not to abandon their visions because of past failures.

Gurure challenges the book’s readers to make plans for whatever they intend to do or achieve. She notes that many people fail because their plans are hazy, when they should be crystal clear: “The importance of planning cannot be over-emphasised, especially during the time of setting foundations. A crucial aspect of planning is putting those plans in black and white.”

Writing plans down helps to dignify them and increases the need to action them.

They help to serve as a reminder as our minds are bombarded with so much information each and every day as well as numerous activities that need to be attended to.”

Although slim, this book is filled with nuggets that whosoever desires to succeed in life can benefit from tremendously.
Kadurira is an entrepreneur, IT specialist, the founder of Springtide Morphoos and co-director of Twoedge Investments while Gurure is also a director in Springtide, which specialises in leadership, personal development and team building training.

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