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Law firm in trouble


Kadoma-based law firm, Javis Palframan Legal Practitioners, is facing a $320 000 lawsuit following its involvement in a botched deal with Kambuzi Mine last year.


Javis Palframan allegedly received $320 000 from Kambuzi Mine as payment for a commercial building on Stand 32 in Kadoma.

The property is owned by Laxman Investment Company which, according to the agreement of sale, was being represented by the law firm’s secretary Jollie Obert.
The agreement of sale was prepared by the law firm which received the money in cash on behalf of its client.

After making the full payment, Kambuzi Mine allegedly moved to try and take occupation of the buildings, but was stopped by Laxman Investments which said it was unaware of the deal.

In a lawsuit filed at the Bulawayo High Court under case 707/15, Kambuzi Mine wants Javis Palframan and its client Obert to restitute the $320 000.

“The plaintiffs claim is for payment by the defendants (lawyers Douglas Palframan, Stephen Murambatsvina and Obert) jointly and severally, the one paying the others to be absolved, of the sum of $320 000 being recompense for financial loss suffered by the plaintiff as a result of defendants wrongful and negligent misrepresentation to the effect that they had the mandate to sell an undivided portion of an immovable property being stand 32 Gatooma township held under Deed of Transfer No 2945/83 thereby inducing plaintiff to enter into an agreement of sale which was null and void,” submitted Kambuzi Mine lawyers Mutatu and Partners.

The lawyers further claim that Javis Palframan made a representation that Laxman Investments Company (Private) Limitted had given them authority to seal the deal.

“They misrepresented that they had been dully mandated and authorised by a company called Laxman Investments Company (Private) Limitted to be its agents and attorneys to sell undivided potion,” reads the summons.

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