Imbiber impersonates Mnangagwa’s son

Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa

An unidentified Harare man was yesterday morning arrested during a beer-drinking binge in the capital after impersonating Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s son.


The alleged impersonator reportedly stormed a local pub during Sulumani Chimbetu’s birthday celebration and went on to the stage where he claimed to be Emmerson Mnangagwa Junior.

However, police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi professed ignorance over the matter and referred all questions to Harare spokesperson Assistant Inspector Simon Chazovachiyi.

Chazovachiyi also said he was not privy to the case and promised to check with Harare Central Police Station. But eyewitnesses said the impersonator stormed the stage ostensibly to attract the attention of music promoters allegedly in a bid to get some money.

“When it was announced that Mnangagwa Junior was in the pub and as he got onto the stage we immediately knew that he was an impostor.

“We quickly alerted police and he was arrested,” said one of the witnesses.

“Upon arrest he was brought to Harare Central Police Station, but again he threatened the officers that he was a member of the CIO (Central Intelligence Organisation). After interrogation, he admitted that he was an impostor,” added the witness.

On the way to Harare Central Police Station, he demanded to go back to where he was arrested to collect his car which he said was a State vehicle he got from CIO boss Happyton Bonyongwe.

After the police threatened to call Bonyongwe, he admitted he was not a member of the CIO before he was allowed to call his wife to take the vehicle home.

“This all happened around 11pm on Wednesday and a docket was opened at Harare Central Police Station at around 1am today (yesterday). The case was recorded under IR No 051456,” the witness said.

NewsDay could not establish the name of the impersonator. His accomplice fled from the scene.


  1. Getting into trouble for such an unworthy cause. Honestly wats so special about being son of Mnangagwa? Afterall denying yo biological dad in favour of Ngwena. kkkk now u r in hot soup. And who told u that CIOs cant be arrested?

  2. @s shumba, the offence is “lmpersonating a Public 0fficial ” as defined by section 179 of the Criminal Law Code. The complainant is the State.


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