Harare demands cable rentals from Econet


CASH-STRAPPED Harare City Council has extended its fishing net to underground cables laid down by telecommunications firms and is demanding monthly rentals for the property.


Council business committee chairperson Herbert Gomba told NewsDay that they had already tasked town clerk Tendai Mahachi to engage one of the companies, Econet Zimbabwe, to pay up.

“Econet should pay lease fees for trenched areas. They put up their cables and it means that the land will not be used for anything else. They owe us a lot of money that runs into millions. We made a resolution in 2012 to that effect. The town clerk must be seen to be enforcing that resolution,” Gomba said.

“The whole business of trenching is to make money and they must plough something to the city. That they would want their cables to stay there forever shows that land will not be used for anything else. If they don’t we will have to consider engaging some legal brains to assist to influence them to pay,” Gomba said.

Last year, there was a push by council for individuals contracted by Econet to pay for small shops they are using for mobile money transfer facilities built at several places around the city.

“A majority of them are paying but others are not, they should start paying to council,” Gomba said.

The local authority is desperate to raise funds to among other things pay outstanding salaries.


  1. If ZANU has allowed able business people like Masiiwa,Mutumwa, to name a few to fly with no limits i dont think this will be happening.
    Now everyone is looking upto Econet to bail them out of their financial crisis one way or the other.
    PTC,TELONE has also cables underground and above why not engage them at once.I see a sinister motive here(politics at play). What Econet did adds value to the city of Harare not the other way round.If we are selling our “sunshine and congested” city to investors we assure them of fibre optic networked services.

  2. kikikiki tsvaga mari ne demo… to keep paying counsil directors huge moneys… soon i hop their salaries back log when they suck it dry… ma 50000 usd salaries for incompitent man..

    if counsil was sucking econet the mobile thief provider for moneys to improve service delivery manje nope….

    if it was sucking to make rates lower for the people …nope

    this is all for bigwigs benefit.. isu vana Chombo

    land barrons

    Zimbabwe mine to distribute as i dream

    harare my back Garden Flat that i give my many girlfriends to share

    F Zanupf n everyone who has been in a key position for the past 20yrs going up… wat new thing will they bring..

    u can never teach a new dog old tricks

  3. Gomba and Mahachi get your f%$£ brains together. There is no way anybody could have just proceeded to dig, trench, excavate without a development planning permission. There should be a bylaw that governs planning issues. Get you facts right first before you think with your heart…use your brains and check planning guidelines before you demand money for the sake of demanding money. HCC also has infrastructure in private and state properties so you should pay!!!!

    • And what will happens with Tel*One, Net*one, ZESA, ZETDC . . . etc.
      Be serious yu pple.

      Just now you will charge Mukuvisi river for using your land

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