Government must control smoking


It’s sad that the country’s economy relies on tobacco farming and selling when other countries are moving away from its use due to serious health problems. The government must move with speed to control smoking in public places.

Health researchers say non-smokers are affected more when exposed to cigarette smoke.

Passive smoking, which refers to indirect smoking by non-smokers, is prevalent in Zimbabwe, so the government must enact a law that makes public smoking a crime.
Dangerous products must be banned from public places.

Smoking in beer halls must be banned.

To show the danger of smoking in a hall of 100 people, if 10 decide to smoke, due to diffusion, the smoke will affect everyone.

Smoking is very dangerous. Some governments have moved to force the producers of cigarettes to inform the public on the dangers of smoking in their adverts.
Smoking laws must be enacted to protect the public.

The resultant effects of smoking are dangerous as the diseases are difficult to cure even in developed countries.

Now with local and international football watched in bars, young people are thronging such places to watch soccer, wrestling and movies.

Laws not to ban, but control populated and confined places must be enacted to protect non-smokers who go to beer halls only to drink, play games or watch TV.