Gospel artiste living in fear


RISING gospel artiste Agency Dhewa says he is living in fear of a male “stalker” he claims has been pursuing him through a series of phone calls and text messages in which he is proposing love to him.


Dhewa said when he tried to file a police report against the man (name supplied), police officers at Harare Central Police Station told him they could not effect an arrest since his pursuer had not committed a criminal offence.

The Holy Spirit singer told NewsDay that he was now living in fear as he was not sure what next the stalker was going to do.

“I am living in fear for my life because as it is, I do not know what he is thinking or planning with the person who gave him my number,” he said.

The alleged stalker, who claims to be a tout at Fourth Street rank, did not deny the allegations, but begged this reporter not to write the story as he regretted what he had done.

“I got the number from a close friend called Kuda, but I am truly sorry for all this mess. Please do not take any action against me. I promise it will not happen again,” he said.


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