Funeral services firm pledges free burials for old people’s home inmates


A PRIVATE funeral service provider, Charelle Funeral Services, has offered to provide free burials for inmates at old people’s and children’s homes in Manicaland province as part of its corporate social responsibility.


Addressing journalists in Mutare recently, the company’s marketing executive Trevor Hondo said they had already signed a memorandum of understanding to cover underprivileged people at 14 homes.

“We are now offering free services in burying people from old people’s and children’s homes. We dress the deceased body, we provide the casket, lowering devices, and tents and other burial necessities,” Hondo said.

“After taking the body from the disadvantaged homes they will only assist us by doing all the paper work since they are the ones who have the personal details of the deceased persons.

“As an organisation, we are a God-fearing people, so we decided to come up with something which is unique and that is not provided by other players in the industry and that was after a lady from Zororai Old People’s Home approached us indicating that they were facing challenges in providing decent burials for their inmates because of financial problems.”

He added: “I think our services are going to play a critical role in helping these disadvantaged homes as most well-wishers were providing them with materials such as sugar, clothes , salt , mealie-meal, blankets and clothing.”

Charelle Funeral Service has already buried three people from the vulnerable homes in the province. The company’s managing director Kent Mutsa Charlie said they had plans to spread their service to all parts of the country.