Failed Magaisa must just shut up!


Suffering Zimbabweans are tired of deceptive theories of failed politicians who always spoil the party when they are presented with opportunities for interviews.

They spew hate such that when they go behind the mic, they speak with finality as though they know it all.

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s former advisor, Alex Magaisa, should let those on the ground, who are working to revive the party, comment on party issues.
He should just enjoy himself wherever he is.

Can it be known that Magaisa was hired by MDC-T to advise the party on best strategies for them to win election, but he brought them nothing.

He should be blamed for ideas that led to the disintegration of the party, leading to the formation of MDC Renewal Team.

That the Renewal Team has failed makes Magaisa a disappointed man readying himself for political somersaults against Tsvangirai.

Zimbabweans should forget about him as he was a big let down in the party’s journey towards a new Zimbabwe.

Magaisa was involved in the split of MDC-T as he worked with Renewal Team leader Tendai Biti.

He caused chaos during the elections, which cost MDC-T votes.

It was not about bad strategies, but too many centres of power.

Magaisa must not abuse Tsvangirai because he had been allowed hectares of space by The Herald to lie.

He is bitter because his project of a boardroom coup against Tsvangirai failed, so he must accept it and shut up.

MDC-T will never participate in by-elections and Tsvangirai has nothing to do with that decision. It is not an individual decision, but a congress resolution which is above everyone.

If Tsvangirai decides against a congress resolution, he will be seen as a dictator.

It’s good to shut up than hallucinate. MDC-T is on the ground working hard to rebuild itself after a failed coup that affected its operations.

Whatever the detractors say will not stop MDC-T. Magaisa wants to escalate the notion of a dead MDC-T working in cahoots with mass public institutions that are pro-Biti, that’s why their opinions have been published at the same time.

This is to create hopelessness, point to gloom and scare away potential friends of MDC-T. Let’s be honest.

Magaisa can continue to sell out, but MDC-T is here to stay.



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