Ex-judge rubbishes Mugabe, Tsvangirai



Former Supreme Court judge and vice-president of the newly-formed party Zimbabweans United for Democracy (Zunde), Benjamin Paradza, has accused Zanu PF leader President Robert Mugabe and main opposition MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai of being obsessed with power.

Paradza, a known Mugabe critic, fled the country hidden in a haulage truck in 2006 after being subjected to a trial, criticised internationally as being trumped up to remove him from office. He is exiled in New Zealand.

“Mugabe was presumably great before he started committing acts of genocide in Matabeleland.

“The world even declared him a statesman and some even knighted him,” Paradza said in a statement yesterday.

“Morgan Tsvangirai was equally great before he started enjoying the government of national unity (GNU) power and chasing after every beautiful woman in town.

“He led a gallant struggle of workers and almost unseated Zanu PF were it not for the rigging machinery and other reasons.

“But what has happened to these former great men? Mugabe has become the worst racist dictator ever, albeit worse than Hitler.

“Tsvangirai went through a crisis in his personal life. He made too many mistakes including the GNU and women.”

Paradza said Tsvangirai had frustrated his international financiers and the entire democratic struggle after he failed to uphold the principles of good governance. He said Zunde would not come up with anything unique except the fact that they know what the people expect of them.

“It is how we translate those words into action that has brought out the hypocrisy in Zanu PF and the ineptitude of the MDCs,” he said.
“Instead they have even destroyed the things that the people cherished and hoped for.

“Now we languish in absolute poverty because of greed, corruption and wrong choices, wrong decisions, an epitome of chaotic leadership.
Paradza said if MDCs had not rescued Zanu PF in the GNU there would be no Zanu PF to talk about today.

“There is not a soul today in Zimbabwe that does not see the need for change whether you are in the security sector or just an ordinary peace-loving citizen. Fear has ceased to be an option for us. Get this loud and clear: Zanu PF we do not fear you!” he said.

“We shall fight you with every ounce of energy in our bodies.

“We declare that the gloves are off, we have waited for far too long to get to this, hoping Zanu PF and the mafia who lead it would see the folly of their madness.

“We have realised that they are all too drunk with power and corruption beyond redemption. Someone has to step in and stop the mess.”

Zunde was launched in Harare on Tuesday and is led by Farai Mbira who was based in Australia.