Dzivarasekwa residents have learnt their lessons: Hungwe


The Zanu PF candidate for Dzivarasekwa Constituency in the forthcoming by-elections, Omega Sipani Hungwe, says the June 10 by-election presents the people of the constituency with a golden opportunity to make amends and vote for a local aspirant.

by Christopher Mahove

Hungwe, whose previous attempts at the seat have been futile, said despite her not making it into Parliament, she had continued to work for the development of the constituency, a sign that she has the people of Dzivarasekwa at heart.

“As an ordinary resident, I have managed to source scholarships for disadvantaged diploma and degree students, financed the construction of the footbridge that links Dzivarasekwa Extension and Dzivarasekwa and have sourced jobs for more than 500 women youths,” she said.

Hungwe added that she had also assisted women, the majority of them widows, to get mining concessions and paid rentals for disadvantaged families in the constituency.

“If I could do so much for my constituency as an ordinary resident, imagine what more I could do as an elected Member of Parliament. I have lived all my life here and I know the problems in this constituency,” she said.

Hungwe said she would use her influence as a member of the Zanu PF Central Committee and politburo to bring development to the high-density suburb which has lagged behind in terms of development.

“The major problem for the lack of development in this constituency is that we have had Members of Parliament who were not from here and were divorced from the people. We have made the mistake of voting for people we did not know, but I am sure the people of Dzivaresekwa have learnt their lessons,” she said.

From Independence in 1980, Dzivarasekwa has been represented by Ephraim Masawi, Morris Nyagumbo and Edson Wadyehwata (Zanu PF) as well as Edson Mushoriwa, Evelyn Masaiti and Solomon Madzore (MDC-T).

Of these, only Wadyehwata, the late former primary school teacher, who was MP from 1995 to 2000, was originally from Dzivarasekwa.

Hungwe said residents of Dzivarasekwa should put party differences aside and look at her track record against all the MPs they voted for in the past.

“Some were given Constituency Development Funds (CDF), but have nothing to show for it. In contrast, I have done a lot using my own resources, and as the first Central Committee and politburo member from the constituency, I have bigger plans for this constituency,” she said.

She said residents should take advantage of her links with senior Cabinet ministers and government officials to develop the constituency.

Hungwe will battle it out with Happison Chikova (African Democratic Party), Washington Madure Madure (Dare), Enock Mafigu (Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn), Peter Mukuchamano (National Constitutional Assembly), Cosmas Benjamin (Progressive Democrats of Zimbabwe), Ngonidzashe Chandiwana Shiri (Transform Zimbabwe), Tonderai Hemani Karimakwenda (independent) and Saul Tore (independent).


  1. Kkkkkkkkkk. Assuming amaiyi veZANU PF ava varikutaura chokwa maererano nezvose zvavakaita muDz vachishandisa mari yavo; then tingangoda kuziva kuti pose pavaiita development yose iyoyo as a private citizen hurumende yavo yeZANU PF yanga ichiita chiyi nemari dzevanhu dze mataxes dzavano kumba every months nedzemaDiamond; etc?

    Hakuna zvakadaro. Kana ukatsinga munhu nhasi mangwana ukamubvisa chitsinga chako unoda kutendwa chii iwe uri zimuroyi.

    Tibvire apo iwe Omega! To hell with you & your ZANU PF!

  2. All Zimbabweans have learnt their lessons Cde Hungwe for the last 35years, we have nothing to show for it. Thus a good start will be to send “baba” into retirement.

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