Councillors accuse Zanu PF colleague of corruption


Six Zanu PF councillors in Karoi have ganged up against fellow party member Richard Ziki, who is also council chairperson, accusing him of corruption, mismanagement and derailing most projects initiated by the local authority.


The councillors who include Travollota Matekenya (Ward 1), Ganizani Chintokoma (Ward 2), Stewart Jena (Ward 3), vice-chairman Bernard Gwanzura (Ward 5) Abel Matsika (Ward 7) and Fortune Madamombe (Ward 10) petitioned Ziki on May 13 this year, accusing him of even refusing to convene a special council meeting to discuss the issues.

The petition was copied to council secretary Maxwell Kaitano, Hurungwe district administrator Tsana Chirau and Mashonaland West provincial administrator, among other government officials.

But Ziki said it was unfortunate that some of his colleagues blamed him forgetting that the council imported a refuse collection truck.
“What we did is part of development as we purchased a compactor valued at $82 000 for the community,” Ziki said.

Part of the petition read: “We believe we were voted into office to protect the interests of Zanu PF and implement ZimAsset, but as chairman, you are grossly letting us down in order to push for implementation of these ideas.”

The councillors further accused Ziki of failing to prioritise creation of vending stalls and parking bays, among other projects that could have generated money for the council.

“Our council is losing a lot of revenue at guest house and Chikangwe bus terminus vending markets due to the use of manual operations. Furthermore, council is losing money through paying transport and subsistence allowances as quotation sourcing is never done on-line,” part of the document reads.

The councillors claimed that when they assumed office in July 2013, council workers were owed $250 000 in salary arrears, but the amount had skyrocketed to $800 000.

“Salary arrears have since trebled and it is a clear sign of failure,” the document further reads.

They raised a red flag over the acquisition of two council vehicles which they claimed were bought at inflated prices two years ago, adding the vehicles had not yet been registered as council property.

The bitter councillors demanded an explanation on delays over some developmental projects, including the flea market sponsored by the European Union and maternity wing in Chikangwe high-density suburb donated by ZimHealth.

The policymakers call for the awarding of home ownership to residents who have been living in council houses for the past 40 years.


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