Council, ZRP play each other


Kwekwe City Council and the Zimbabwe Republic police (ZRP) appear to be playing a cat and mouse game over road signs in the city.


Council has of late been changing all Stop signs at major intersections in the city following weeks of a police onslaught against motorists failing to obey the signs.

Council has so far changed four Stop signs into Give Way signs at intersections where police have been stationed for weeks collecting massive fines from drivers, including Town House bosses who have failed to heed the signs.

Director of Works John Mhike, who is in charge of the City Planning department, was not immediately available to explain why his team had been switching road signs along Robert Mugabe Way on spots traffic police have been setting traps on motorists.

The signs have been there for years even when traffic volumes were low and only removed after top council bosses were issued with $20 fines for failing to stop.

Mayor Matenda Madzoke said it was council responsibility to put appropriate road signs and markings.

“We are the custodians of these road signs and markings in our city. Our works department plans those things after assessing various aspects of the road and while I am not aware of what changes necessitated those alterations, I am sure they have done the right thing because we are not against the police enforcing the law,” he said.

On Thursday, police who had been assigned to lay siege along Robert Mugabe Road were surprised that upon getting to one of the intersection, the road sign was being changed.

ZRP has been using such signs to ticket drivers in what appears to be a fundraising move since all spot fines collected were allegedly currently not being remitted to Treasury.


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