Biti sneaks back into Zimbabwe


MDC Renewal Team secretary-general Tendai Biti sneaked into the country this week after weeks of speculation that he had jumped ship in the aftermath of his recall from the national assembly.


Biti, the former Finance minister and high-ranking member of former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC-T led a break-away from the main opposition party following its loss to Zanu PF in the 2013 harmonised elections.

Tsvangirai recently triggered a constitutional clause that prohibited floor-crossing resulting in the the recall of 21 MPs in the Renewal Team camp, formed after the acrimonious fall-out in April last year.

Media reports claimed Biti left the country in a huff to take up a position with an American think-tank as a researcher leaving his comrades in the cesspool. However, his lieutenants argued at the time he would return.

While Biti was not immediately available for comment, another former Cabinet minister and one of the leading lights in the Renewal camp, Elton Mangoma confirmed to NewsDay that indeed Biti was now in the country.

“He is back and to us it is not surprising. We have tried to tell people the truth, but for some reason there are a few people with an agenda not known to us who wanted to paint a picture of a party in disarray,” Mangoma said.

“It is important to note that we are a team and when a member is absent someone else takes their place to move the party forward. That is how we operate and although he is a key member of the party his absence did not stop any activities.”

He added: “The secretary-general (Biti) had and not for the first time joined a think-tank on global development issues for four weeks as he did in December last year. Back then nobody raised an issue, but now people found it convenient to spread all manner of lies just to create despondency in the party”.

Biti last month reportedly joined the Centre for Global Development in the United States as a visiting fellow, days before the Constitutional Court was to rule on an application by his party to reverse Speaker of the national assembly Jacob Mudenda’s ruling to have him and his colleagues recalled from Parliament.


  1. Mr Biti’s role in the Centre for Global Development is not a full time occupation. He goes there now and then but that does not affect his work as Secretary General of MDC Renewal. At the CGD his role is to share ideas with other intellectuals on how countries can be developed. His experiences in the Finance Ministry are being looked at by others with a view to generate even better modes of operation in future.

    • ” Share ideas with other intellectuals…” and this refers to Biti then? You go further and hit us with this gem: His experiences in the Finance Ministry….” Oh my God what is the country coming to with this rather too generous flood of inoperative diatribe?

  2. Mr Editor, Sneaking munoiziva here, was he suppose to make press conference at the airport to announce that he is back. I don’t support his party but ngatinyore zvine hudzamhu.

  3. you forgot you headline mr editor sir , how did he sneak in, was it through the croc infested beitbridge under the wire was it through the zambia border moza maybe or did he get on a plane and arrived at the airport like any zimbabwean

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