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From the desk of Grace Unlimited. The world over celebrates Mother’s Day in the month of May and it is in the same month that the African community celebrates Africa Day.

And May being the fifth month on the calendar and as we know biblical calendar, number five represents grace and as such God has been gracious to have birthed Rizpah Women Fraternity. It is annually held every May 25 and has been running for the past 10 years.

Rizpah fraternity runs a profound and prolific annual Women’s Ministry on May 25. It is a Ministry that unleashes Uncommon Woman, leading woman, generation changer, game changer and legacy builders. In every woman, young or old there is rich treasure and potential usually untapped or undiscovered.

God has raised Rizpah Women’s Conference to discover the sleeping giants in many women. Many women had limited womanhood to the maternity ward and kitchen; both are a vital role of a woman, but they are not an end to the call of a woman. A woman has so much to offer and make her world a better world.

The name Rizpah was derived from a bible character of a woman found in 2 Samuel 21 verse 7-10. Rizpah, the biblical character was a concubine of King Saul who was a concubine of King Saul who was now late, but had committed sins in his time which resulted in the killing of the remaining seven sons of Saul except Mephibosheth. It was after that massacre that Rizpah the concubine of Saul took it upon herself to go and guard the hanged bodies that were in the forest. That was a very brave act and very selfless act that was taken by Rizpah. This is what we teach women to be selfless, bold and courageous in the face of crisis.

Rizpah woman did not waste time doing blame game. Womanhood is about taking responsible like what this Rizpah woman did. Mind you, she was not the official first lady of King Saul yet she did much much more than the expected because she was only just a mere concubine. You see in life you can lead without a title. These were already dead and hanged bodies yet she would not give up on the dead bodies. We should not give up. We are saying in this generation, God is raising women that will not give up no matter the situation they find themselves in.

A Rizpah woman is relevant to her time, to her community and to the calling. Just like Esther’s presence in the palace was instrumental in rescuing the Jews at Susa. Deborah’s military prowess brought victory in the day of battle- Judges 5 verse 7. The Rizpah woman brought dignity and honour back to the house of late King Saul.

Her resilience as she stood in the forest. Year in and year out God has used the blessed vehicle of Rizpah women conference to gather. Women from all walks of life, women from diverse background and different denominations. This much awaited and expected conference has been dubbed ladies day out with Jesus. The worship is always the icing of this glorious conference. Life changing Rhema Word is one aspect that has made this great conference shoulders above the rest.

Hahaha indeed one always agrees that surely God has prepared a banquet for the ladies in the midst of the enemy. You know your network determines your networth. It is at this distinguished platform that you get to meet, interact and fellowship with the who is who; Pilots of industry and captains of industry. Women have been traditionally equipped to start, run and maintain their business on educationally colonised system has in the past produced service providers and employees whereas at Rizpah conference women have been empowered to be their own employers.

The so called breed is often toughened and strengthened at platform of Rizpah. One thing I can boldly assure you is the atmosphere at this platform is awesome. Celestial, heavenly and unusual. You will feel it yourself that God is in this place. You come out knowing that you have been in the throne room. Our music is always polished and refined. All I can say is do yourself a favour and attend and be blessed this 25 May.

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