‘Baba Jukwa’s’ passport released


Sunday Mail Editor Edmund Kudzai, who is awaiting trial on allegations of attempting to unseat a constitutionally elected government by waging “cyber-terrorism” against the State, was yesterday granted his passport temporarily.


This will to enable him to attend the World Wewspaper Congress scheduled for June this year in the United States of America.
Kudzayi, suspected to be behind Facebook shadowy character Baba Jukwa, had his travel restrictions relaxed by High Court judge Justice Joseph Musakwa last year.

Harare magistrate Tendai Mahwe ordered Kudzai’s passport release from the Clerk of Court where it has been held as part of his bail condition.

Through his lawyer Admire Rubaya, Kudzayi told the court that he has been requested by his employer Zimpapers to attend the World Newspaper Congress scheduled for June 1-3 in the US.

“I am aware that my client is to appear in court on May 29, but as for now we apply for the release of the passport which has already expired,” he said.

“He needs to be in possession of the same so that he can apply for another one and be able to travel to the USA,”
Rubaya further highlighted that Kudzai also needed the passport to enable him to attend to visa issues.

Kudzayi, who was arrested last year over his alleged links to the shadowy and controversial Facebook blogger Baba Jukwa, also attended the hearing.

In his ruling, Mahwe said Kudzai should return the said valid passport on June 10 2015.