A journey to hell of a pregnant Harare mother

Inside the city of Harare ambulance

The ambulance is a supposed to be a vehicle that gives you hope for recovery from an affliction and whenever we hear that high pitched siren as it approaches, we immediately trust that someone is being transported to a hospital where they will be given maximum care.


This should be the norm but for Jackie Mbayiwa-Makuvatsine who told AMH voices that when she was in labour being transported by a city of Harare ambulance to Mbuya Nehanda maternity clinic she felt she was in an old relic being transported to hell.

Inside the city of Harare ambulance
Inside the city of Harare ambulance

In her words: “The Oxygen cylinders in the ambulance are held together by a bandage- a symbol of the sickness in quality. They rub against each other when the vehicle is moving to give you one of the worst irritating noises you would least expect from such an important vehicle.”

A basin sink in one of the toilets at Mbuya Nehanda maternity clinic
A basin sink in one of the toilets at Mbuya Nehanda maternity clinic

She continues: “The agony of an expecting mother starts when boarding one of these hell houses. But if you thought this is all you see, wait till you reach the maternity home.”

As her pictures show the toilet basin sink look filthy and rusty.

“I just took the pictures so that you can have a feel the pain of an expectant mother. Others should see the conditions we are being subjected to.”


  1. Dear, you had an awesome journey! You were even able to take photos while you were enduring the labour pains!

    • She is a comedian. She was not in labour or Newsday is lying again as usual – a reporter, not a woman in labour.

    • labour pains are on and off. plus maybe the reason she was referre to Mbuya Nehanda was that she was overdue and not having those pains.

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  3. There are two standards in this country. Excellent for the wealthy (also known as chefs) and poor, extremely horrendous for the rest of us.

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