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27 Indian doctors jet in for free operations


A TEAM of 27 volunteer Indian doctors jetted into the country yesterday and headed for Manicaland Province where they are expected to conduct free operations over the next 10 days.

Speaking to journalists after touching down at Harare International Airport, delegation leader Rajendra Saboo, who is past president of the Rotary International and past chairman of Rotary Foundation, said the team comprised dental surgeons, gynecologists and opticians.

“We are happy to be advancing this work of humanity we have been doing regardless of continent or country. We initiated these programmes to reach out to Africa and beyond borders. We have been to Uganda and several other countries and we are pleased to come to this beautiful country. We have never been here before,” he said.

“We are a team of 19 doctors and eight volunteers and will be here for 10 days thanks to Rotary here in Zimbabwe and the government of Zimbabwe. This is a work for humanity.”

The team will conduct operations at Nyanga District Hospital and Sakubva Hospital in Mutare.

Manicaland provincial medical director Patron Mafaune said: “We expect to see patients with various conditions including those with gynecological conditions, dental surgical conditions, and eye conditions especially cataracts. We expect to operate around 900 patients.”

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