Zanu PF suspends Matambanadzo, Mugabe


THE Zanu PF Midlands provincial disciplinary committee has suspended Kwekwe Central MP Masango “Blackman” Matambanadzo for the next five years and also wants him recalled from Parliament for alleged misconduct.


In a letter dated April 9 and signed by acting provincial chairman Kizito Chivamba, the provincial executive accused Matambanadzo of being violent, divisive and disrespectful.

The committee also found Matambanadzo guilty of assaulting the party’s provincial secretary for security Owen Ncube, holding unsanctioned party meetings and disrupting a Zanu PF meeting on July 14 last year, among other charges.

Part of the committee’s findings read: “That Cde Matambanadzo did assault Hon Owen Ncube for no reason and that he did assault Cde Marko Msipa and that Cde Msipa lost an eye due to the brutal attack.”

He was further found guilty of making derogatory remarks which were published in the State media after he allegedly assaulted Ncube.
“You have been suspended for five years from holding any post in the party and from addressing any party members. The committee recommended that you, Cde Matambanadzo, be recalled from Parliament because of your violent nature,” the letter reads.

The party also suspended businessman Kandros Mugabe, who claims to have been a chief funder of party activities, accusing him of bribing youths and party members to influence voting patterns and attempting to create a centre of power for himself in the province.
“You were charged of conducting illegal and unsanctioned meetings, fanning bribery and factionalism . . . running another centre of power,” Mugabe’s suspension letter signed by Chivamba stated.
Zanu PF provincial spokesperson Conelious Mupereri confirmed the purge saying the party was determined to root out unruly elements from its ranks.

“We are a party of peace, discipline and respect and those who think they can use money to buy the party are wrong, equally those who like Hon Matambanadzo who think fistfights are tolerated are wrong. People cannot run around like headless chickens in a party with disciplined leadership,” Mupereri said.


  1. This man called Kizito Chivamaba who is now claiming to preach peace, isn’t he the same man who pumped bullets into my groin for challenging Simon Muzenda in Gweru? What peace is he talking about? Is he only starting to realise now that ZANU PF is a party for thugs and violent people? I will NEVER forgive you Kizito, over my dead body and the gods shall deal with you one day. As for Matambanadzo, I’ve not time for a grade 2 drop-out who accidentally found himself in parliament.

  2. Sounds like a preview of Last Man Standing! Then there was one. The old arsehole is sure going to be lonely in Herod acre.

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