Zanu PF, MDC-T councillors cross swords


A FIIERCE fight has erupted among Zanu PF and MDC-T councillors at six local authorities over who should attend a two-week technical cooperation programme in Germany early next month.


The trip has also raised eyebrows among residents who expressed fear that councillors and officials might end up claiming travel and subsistence allowances for the trip which was fully sponsored by the German Development Agency (GIZ).

Each of the six councils — namely Chinhoyi, Kariba, Kadoma, Norton, Gweru and Bulawayo – has been asked to send about eight delegates comprising councillors and technical staff.

The first group consisting of town clerks is set toleave for Germany on May 16.

A Chinhoyi councillor who refused to be named for fear of victimisation said MDC-T councillors had been left out of the trip by their Zanu PF counterparts who argued that it was now their turn to go on foreign trips.

“When the issue was discussed, some Zanu PF councillors made it very clear that only Zanu PF councillors will benefit as MDC-T councillors‘ turn is now over,“ the councillor said.

Chinhoyi town clerk Mazai Mangororo said the local authority was sending nine officials and five councillors from the water and sanitation committee.

In Kariba, the trip has reportedly triggered animosity between the councillors and residents’ association which requested that the allowances of those travelling should be made public.

‘The Germany trip is a waste of resources from the part of residents, so we call upon the government to stop this trip as it is unclear what benefits are there to the residents and how much money is involved,” Kariba Residents’ Association chairman Sam Mawawu said.

But town clerk Webster Tembo said the trip was fully sponsored by the hosts and residents would benefit immensely from the exchange programme.

“The trip will equip councillors with skills as they will train in improving service delivery. The trip will be fully sponsored by the German Development Agency,” Tembo said.

Kadoma mayor Muchineripi Chinyanganya said: “Yes, the trip is fully sponsored, but we get per diems as per the stipulated rate . . . and it‘s justified because some of us are sacrificing a lot by taking off-duty at our workplaces.”


  1. So all the ZANU PF and MDC-T idiots can think of is to fight for allowances and partaking in the gravy train? What a bunch of monkeys!

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