Trio jailed for stealing from Mugabe


THE three employees who defrauded President Robert Mugabe’s Gushungo Holdings firm of $139 000 were slapped with jail terms ranging between two and four years yesterday.


The trio of Okay Mataramvura (38), Boaz Chatepa (32) and Richard Simani (37) were convicted of fraud when they appeared before Bindura regional magistrate William Bhila.

Mataramvura (38), who worked as a stores and field clerk at the company, was sentenced to a four-year jail term for swindling the First Family of over $100 000.

The court heard that on different dates and times, Mataramvura receipted cash amounting to $132 940 on the top copy of the cash sale receipt book after which he then proceeded to under-receipt the quantity of goods that had been sold.

His co-accused, Chatepa and Simani, were slapped with 36 and 24 months respectively for defrauding Gushungo Holdings of $24 503 and
$2 507 on separate occassions between December last year and January this year.

However, Mutaramvura will serve an effective one year, Chatepa (15 months) and Simani (nine months) after part of their sentences were suspended on condition of good behaviour.

Their five co-accused persons, Juliet Jombosi (37), Kudakwashe Ndavara (25), Tutus Jack (42), Tavengwa Katanha (35) and Loid Banda (34), were acquitted at the close of the State case. The scam was unearthed early this year by other employees, leading to the trio’s arrest.


  1. these people should be freed.they were trying to repossess what rightfully belongs to zimbabweans.mugabe came from mozambique with only his safari suits but now he owns bullions where did he get the money.

  2. Well its a question of thieves stealing from thieves isn’t it? I mean what sort of role models are the Mugabes? They acquire Companies and Land by seizing them , they steal the innocence, the wealth , the morals, the lives from their own people. They flaunt their disgusting wealth in front of a Nation that is starving to death, they have introduced Corruption, Greed and Violence to a peaceful, respectful, God fearing People. They hide behind legions of well armed violent beings and terrorize anyone who speaks against them. And now they dare to act against five miserable people who did what they do daily, only on a far lesser scale? Shame on you Mr President! I say shame on you!

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