Tocky Vibes goes instrumental

DANCEHALL chanter Tocky Vibes’s new 10-track album Toti Toti has been received with mixed feelings as it is a deviation from the usual laden lyrics that fans have identified him with since he ventured into the music industry.

by Teddy Mkwesha

The young musician made a name for himself with hard-hitting lyrics laced on dancehall that transcended all age groups making him a household name.

The new album is, however, different because it was recorded using live instruments unlike what he used to do previously when he recorded various riddims.

“Tocky was experimenting with the instrumentation because he wants to be a fully-fledged musician who will give his fans a complete package,” says his manager Elvis Bokosha.
While dancehall fans will feel left out, Tocky’s transformation could have a good spell on the musician.

Social commentator and music expert Pardon Taodzera said Tocky was positioning himself for greater heights.

“As much as dancehall music is the in thing nowadays, it remains bubble gum music. Artistes have to release songs every day to remain relevant. This can start to take its toll on musicians. However, songs with live instruments tend to last longer and this could be good for Tocky,” Taodzera said.

A few years ago, a little known musician came to the music scene. He had no resources and would go to a studio and record just like any aspiring dancehall artiste today.

He gave the nation more than 90 singles, but remained unknown. His breakthrough came with the song Lisa which showcased his rhyming skills and the deep understanding of the Shona language.

After the nation started to pay particular attention to him, he quickly transformed himself into a fully-fledged musician with a complete live band.

And the musician is Jah Prayzah. Today he is one of the most sought after musicians in the country and his Third Generation band is a symbol of hard work.

Tocky Vibes has been experimenting with the live band, but the problem has been transforming the computer manufactured dancehall beat onto live performance.

The album could be Tocky’s breakthrough since he has shown the love for marimba and the country could be on the verge of witnessing another Jah Prayzah in the making. However, the musician has promised to keep on releasing dancehall songs to keep himself relevant on the cut-throat entertainment circles.


  1. Let me first listen to the new album, ndozo commenta

  2. This young man was ill-advised to say the least. Jah Praizer na Tocky zvakatosiyana meaning what worked for Jah Praizer might not work at all for Tocky. Zano pangwa une rako mamwe ma advice anogona kukuuraisa nenzara. In my opinion this new album is substandard judging by his previous zimdancehall productions.

    1. Analyst,your analysis is not fair.Every musician worth their salt should be able to arrange live instruments and play with a band.This is actually a good direction that Tocky has taken.He will continue to be in the music scene long after most dancehall artists are history simply because of this move.And you should not be judging this production on his previous dancehall productions because he is pursuing a totally different vibe now.Kudos to whoever is advising this youngman.

  3. The album is very very good.It’s a cut above the rest..that young man is talented.apa azonyatsoenda nenyika manje,mheno akadzika.

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