Pioneer Coaches lays off 80 workers


SOME 80 workers at Pioneer Coaches were left stranded last week after their contracts were terminated as the bus company withdrew its buses from all local routes.


Some of the workers who spoke to the NewsDay on condition of anonymity said they were not advised of the looming axe or reasons for the termination of their contracts.

The axe has affected drivers, conductors and mechanics with just one person left in the operations department.

“They just gave us letters last week and ordered all drivers to park all local buses. They gave us letters that stated that they would give us three months’ salary, but that is an insult for some of us who have been with the company for 15 years,” one of the workers said.

“If they intend to sell the company, we have no problem, but they should do so procedurally, not this unfair treatment.”

The workers accused company directors, brothers Simon and Hamish Rudland, of making uninformed decisions after being misled by their “inexperienced and overpaid” management team.

“We have been with this company for a long time and we have given it a good name. We were making a lot of money. Imagine some of the routes would give us over $1 000 per trip,” another worker said.

“I am not sure what led to the decision, but it is somewhat unintelligent. Local routes gave the company all the money. Who would not want $1 000 for a trip to and from Bulawayo?

“It is their decision anyway and there is very little we can do. But what we cannot let them do is give us just three months’ salary when we have worked for them for 15 years. We want the Rudland brothers to come and address us, not this carelessness of asking a human resources manager from another company to address us.”

The company is expected to issue more letters to about 25 workers today.

About 30 buses were parked at the company’s premises at 114 Dagenham Road in Willowvale in Harare yesterday afternoon.
The company’s directors could not be reached for comment, with Hamish’s mobile number continually not being answered.


  1. Imwi munodini kutanga macompany enyu, if the company was making a loss and they feel the need to close shop….let them do it. Its their own money, who are you to want to advise them how they should operate their business. Zvekuti u hav worked for over 15yrs that is non-of their business but of your concern-most of you do not invest wisely thinking the company will employ you forever. NO NO its not like that getting $1000.00 per day-do you now something called operating cost, do you know what is called depreciation, they might be making a loss on that trip. And well $1000.00 is only made on a good day and once in a blue moon. Get ya all lazy a**es and do something.

    • Yours is the most stupid public exhibit of foolishness. When you do not have a basic understanding of labor laws please zip up your big mouth and stop insulting the unfairly dismissed employees and Africans. Editor, there is also need for you to censor posts here.

    • Can everyone be their own boss??? Do every citizen of USA or China have a company of their own? Such reckless utterances are exactly like what the Zulus king said that started the xeno attacks. Shame on you

  2. @@Lazy Africans, you are a nincompoop. Not all pple can form companies. Most organisations are surviving on a shoe string budget and am seeing more companies closing down. Many pple are jobless and the sitution is gonna be exacerbated by those coming from SA.

  3. Uyu Lazy what ever should think before posting. Chances here are that these guys worked so hard for this company being paid enough to satisfy their needs at that time only to be fired after making enough capital for the company to start up another business outside Zimbabwe maybe in a more stable economy country. Running away from multi licensing required and taxes in transport business Zimbabwe. Take for instances all 80% of the buses at Road port are locally owned but SA registered, Why? If we don’t have a law to protect those vulnerable family heads we will be doomed hence they have a case to challenge.

  4. Its a shame for someone possessing a certain level of literacy to support such unfair labour practice. Those who do not know should not be allowed to speak lest they cause havoc. I personally think the termination without cause by three months notice is being blown out of proportion. The employee has been cast out and exposed to such dehumanizing treatment. 15years with one employer shows commitment and a solid base of trust which an employment relationship is based on, for an employer to cut short such a relationship abruptly with a mere three months is an insult. Trade places with the victim before you utter such surprises we shall not call names. imagine if it was your parent well above 50 how can you ask him/her to start a business when all her/his life was in the business of working to ensure you are what you are today. Am disgusted by some fellow Africans

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