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Newsflash: President Obama message on Zimbabwe Independence day


The US president, Barack Obama has for the second year running sent his best wishes to the Zimbabwean people on the occasion of their 35th
independence anniversary on 18 April.

Online Editor

In a message made available to NewsDay, Obama said: “As a steadfast friend to the people of Zimbabwe, the United States will continue to support the people of Zimbabwe as they strive to fulfill the promise set forth at independence of a democratic and prosperous nation.”


Obama, last year in similar fashion, said: “The American people join me in sending best wishes to the people of Zimbabwe as you celebrate the 34th anniversary of Zimbabwe’s independence on April 18.

“The United States remains committed to the people of Zimbabwe and will continue to support them as they work to build a society that responds to their needs and honors their democratic choices. May the coming year bring progress toward a healthy and prosperous Zimbabwe.”

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  1. Please Obama just bring one missile to demolish Mugabe’s Palace maybe he may understand our hunger. Messages alone don’t solve our crisis. Just one missile aimed at State House will do the trick

    • PaanemaZimbabweans akafa pfungwa who no longer have anything good to say about anything and about anyone. Obama atadzei ipapa? Ko kungonyarara if you have nothing good to say?

  2. @Chamboko (if wishes were ………………………………………………….) In your dreams chete

  3. Thanks for the good wishes, brother Barack Obama. Unfortunately, the coming year is unlikely to bring progress towards “a healthy and prosperous Zimbabwe”. Our nation still has the election riggers in full control. They do not care about anybody except to fill their fat tummies. The riggers are so corrupt that they are diverting all the nation’s wealth towards themselves. The infrastructure is so dilapidated because there is no money left to be assigned for infrastructure. The nation can no longer afford giving all deserving people their ARVs. The democratic space is being limited further day by day. The list is as endless as it is painful.

    • It is lazy goats like you that will not make Zimbabwe properous. Why must you always feel everything should be given for free? Tiudze your portion of tax that you contributed that will afford for those ARVs you want given away for free kunge matamba emusango! Rubbish! Those live according to their means and dont give birth to kids their cant afford kuge vakabejerwa are progressing. Im vana Mr and Mrs Give-me-this-for-free muchingotinyaudza apa!

      • Great point. Zimbabweans are doing well and wealthy and can pay for their HIV medicines. If they can’t pay for their meds, then that is just too bad, Let them die and if their children have AIDS, let them die also. All this talk about giving Zimbabweans HIV meds for free is wrong and we should stop giving out free meds and free healthcare.

        All these lazy Zimbabweans trying to get something for free is what is wrong with our country. They just need to get a job and stop whining about having AIDS, and just get over it. Zimbabwe will be better off without them and their children!

        Nobody that I know is poor or hungry. Our government has given us the prosperity that allows us to buy the medicines so let’s stop giving peope with AIDS medicines for free. If they can’t afford them, then they should not be allowed to live (or their children either)!

        Poor people are disgusting and make me sick!

        Happy Easter and God bless you for finally saying what all Zimbabweans have been thinking all along.

        • Tongai, God be with you … God be with you!

          It is careless statements like these that give you the happiness that you are sharing with us. The ONLY person that makes YOU sick is yourself when you look at yourself in the mirror everyday.

          How do hate people you don’t know? You must have quite a lot of these where you come from, because you sound so spiteful with tons of resentment.

          Have you ever thought of getting help? That anger needs a vent don’t you think so?

  4. Thanx for the good wishes, brother Obama. However, for the coming year, those wishes are likely to remain wishes. The riggers of elections are still in control and so are the siphoners of national resources and wealth. Their worry is to feed their already fat tummies and to silence all dissenting voices.

    • Which elections were rigged. Unofunga kuti angavhotere Open Zip Tsvangirai ndiani zidzimati renyu iroro. No vision at all. Manje chiparty chenyu chaparara. To hell nxaa

      • The 31 July 2013 general elections were massively rigged by ZANU PF through NIKUV. At least you did not deny that your ZANU PF party is a party of thieves whose sole objective is to steal national resources. I agree with you that Tsvangirai has no vision but he is the legitimate winner of the 31 July 2013 elections. Most people then (and perhaps now) preferred him to the heartless (then) octogenarian.

  5. Thanks Hounarable President Obama for your wishes. The reality on the ground is that Zimbabweans continue to suffer in the hands of dictator president and his cronies in government. In Zimbabwe we need your assistance. We failed due to Zanu pf disastrous policies.

  6. President Obama Why do you you sound like you are intrested in more than the wellbeing of the people of zimbabwe?Mybe you are planning another Invasion Iraq style

  7. Hey imi maZimbabweans, ndakuitaiwo makorokoto imi makutondirovera pamuchinkikwa. Chinjai maitiro manhi. manditsamwisa manje. Ndichakunyimai mese mavisa ekuuya munyika mangu. Chinjai maitiro mazvinzwaka.

    Wenyu Barack

  8. A congratulatory or solidarity message is to be ethically taken as it is. Yes it is from the West but it is a noble message to be accepted because at least the West this time around has respected our sovereignty. In our culture we welcome in earnest, even someone who is perceived as an enemy, to eg pass condolence messages to us. For now we welcome the message especially for realizing and understanding our sovereignty.

  9. Honorable President Obama we appreciate your message and your wish. Zimbabwe really need your help. Everything is now collapsed. Zanu pf failed our beloved country with its disastrous policies. I wish that the bitter oldman Mugabe will do the same to the people of America.

    • vafana problem makajaira spoon feeding heavy. learn to provide solutions to your situations on your own. dont be like wheelbarows whch wait to be pushed to work. only u has the key to change. it begins within heart to help yourself

      • Iwe chimusoro unotaura zvespoon feeding ndezvipi zvatakataura zvikazoteererwa nechiparty chako chezanu. Chero ukati apa ngatidai haunzwikwi chero basa raunoti riitwe vangani vakagara mudzimba vasina mabasa. Tinoda kuzvibatsira asi kana angotanga kabhindauko mukumuteverera muchiparadza hezvo makatiwisir pasi gore riya matuckshops airaramisa mhuri nhasi wohukura kuti spoon feeding kana uchipiwa zvekuba idya wakanyarara kwete kuda kurwadzisa vanhu vakarwadziwa kare. democracy zvinoreva zvido zvevanhu negutsa ruzhinji saka usataura zvisina basa kana usinganzwisisi zvazvinoreva.

  10. We welcome the congratulatory or solidarity message and the good part of it is that at least there is a realization and understanding of our sovereignty. In our culture, even one who is not trusted, he or she is allowed to eg pass on his condolences at the time of bereavement and at this time of our celebration, we welcome very much such messages because at least there are situations where in life we have to pull in one direction.

  11. We welcome the congratulatory or solidarity message because at least there is a realization of our sovereignty as a people of Zimbabwe and we are glad for this and to hope to receive more.

  12. Thank you very much Mr President. I hope the stance you have taken will be the stepping stone to good bilateral relations between two nations. We hope the integral spirits will prevail and Zimbabwe will also retain its status on the SADC region. I thank you.

  13. kuvhunduka chati kwatara, munonyanya kugara makaturika.kikkkkk.kunzi makorokoto, imi mobvunza kuti kwakanaka here.munondi sparks.

  14. Obama is right.bt we can’t be in a prosperous and healthy nation if this government is ruling us we need change.

  15. I think Obama is now seeing the light and he might lift his evil ZIDERA sanctions. He know that Zimbabwe is a democratic state and people like Chamboko suffer from serious Rhodesian Nostalagiatis. Zimbabwe will never be a colony again. Happy Independence Day to all Zimbabweans

    • There is no independence to talk about here! We are prisoners in our own country, every 10 km peg policemen are milking us and indulged in fault finding in order to meet their targets(1) You cannot talk freely about politics without you being made to disappear by the men in dark glasses (2) It is not all of us who have farms, most farms have been taken by uniformed forces chiefs(3) We are poorer than ever, we are economically in prison. Our roads are death traps yet we boast of having diamonds and we still collect revenue through tollgates, soon after tollgates we have plenty potholes(4) We do not have enough water and electricity as if we are in a state of emergency. Please do not tell me about Zidera or Sanctions because those countries are not in charge of Zimbabwe, it is us and us alone. Secondly I have never seen a father who blames his problems on the neighbour failing to help him, that is cowardice and being irresponsible.

      • Wellsaid mr Charles.unfortunately they are very few people with both eyes and brains in Zimbabwe.most of them are brainfed,thats why you find stupid people who can be convinced that if you vote for such a person,you are giving back Zimbabwe to whites,now you realise that these zanu idiots dont even atleast lie by promising infrastructures they just fool people and win elections.it’s unbelievable

  16. We just know how to comment but we can’t act. A generation of poverty stricken people was birthed during this Mugabe regime. Most people will die with nothing to their names except worthless papers in the name of certificate, diplomas and degrees unfortunately our children can never inherit these. We need jobs look at how are young brothers hang around as loafers in town selling airtime, cellphones at Ximex mall and all sorts of vending but they all went to school. Millions of us are lodgers leaving like rats in a country were land is in abundance but we can’t access it to have our own houses.

  17. muza sibanda unoziva rinonzi dutye… ehe rinenge ndiwe. ini handisati ndaona kutadza kwa Tsvangirai asikwa Mugabe ndava ne 34yrs ndichikuona.

  18. A surprise from President Mr Barak Obama’s….talking like this to the hungry Zimbabwean….he for forgets his illegal sanctions he maintaned on Zimbabwe……….we say thank Mr President….

    • Silungisani, please read carefully the history of our country; you will learn that after Smith’s Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) from Great Britain in 1965, the United Nations (that meant a majority of member States) imposed universal sanctions against Rhodesia and it was then–during those sanctions–that our country experienced industrial development. We literally had the most developed industry in sub- Saharan Africa second only to that of South Africa at independence. How then does one cry foul over sanctions that were targeted on a few individuals by a handful of nations? Why are we not asking ourselves why our industries shrunk to oblivion after independence instead of expanding.For anybody in Zimbabwe to believe that they are starving because of the latter sanctions is quite preposterous, to put it mildly. Zimbabweans need to be claiming the 2 million jobs they were promised, from those who promised and not from President Obama..

  19. no sense in complaining about your moment of united joy boys.

    neoliterates here have done damage in definition and interpretation of what the independence key word means.

    our nation and its borders are non renegotiable after 18 april 1980. its here for keeps to be cherished as is by all richer or poorer of us its subjects under the celestial fireball of the sun.

    please do not confuse independence with ring related good governance side shows.

    musasundigwa kunhivi mungawa.
    congrats zimbabwe @34 nyika ndeyangu yiyi !!

  20. they is nothing to celebrate for, yes we are free in some aspects but we nt fully free, mabasa hakuna, ivo vanodya vachiguta isu tichikwangwaya kurokesheni, hatisati tasununguka zvizere

  21. There is no independence at all in Zimbabwe to talk about.
    (1) We are harrassed by Police every other kilometre for owning our cars because they want to meet targets.
    (2) We have no freedom of speech.
    (3) We are poor in a nation that is full of mineral resources.
    (4) Our Roads are a death trap and yet they collect tollgate fees daily.
    (5) Only uniformed forces chiefs are enjoying the resources and farms.
    (6) We are forced to pay licences for non-existent or useless radio and tv stations.
    DO NOT TELL ME ABOUT THE SANCTIONS ISSUE, What sanctions mean is to block their aid to us because we have failed to comply with some of their requirements. So we should not cry for aid. Handisati ndambonzwa baba vanoti vana vangu munenzara nekuti babb vepanext door havadi kundibatsira, saka iwe hubaba hwako huri pai?

  22. Munochemei? Mazvokuda mavanga enyora aya!!!!We were given the chance to vote for jobs and we voted for the opposite. Come 2018, tichanyengerwazve nekukwira Zupco mahara kuenda kuHighfields, topiwa tuma torch , necellphone toys, ne10kg mbeu, fertiliser nenhumbi dzine mufananidzo weharawa tobva tafara zvisingaite. Todzekerazve pakaharawa paye tonoisa ‘X’.Mangwana tochema, asi chii nhai?

  23. @edmore mbuzana mlambo, you are very correct.. There are others like bambo musona vekuHighfields who dont accept that we are independent. Whether one is a lodget, house owner or squator, he/she is an adult on reaching eighteen years.

  24. This message was sent to the “people of Zimbabwe”, unlike what some of us seem to be thinking that BO is recognising that BOB “is” a legitimate President……a play of words by the American President.

  25. Zimbabweans should shun and denounce Obama at the highest level of the deepest of their hearts.This i suppose is an online trap from Obama to see how Natives are going to respond.Siyanai naObhama anotova nenhamo dzakevo zvake.

  26. Thank you so much brother Obama. To those who are against his wishes, its not your faulty, you need divine intervation.

    As to those who are preparering to cellebrate indipendance day, in this current situation in this country, hmmmmm munondishamisa.

    Its about 9 mnths after election. Is there any progress in the country? The so called rulling party is clueless, this country is sinking. Tsvangirai and his MDC T are the only way.

  27. all the president is saying is happy 34th, we claim to be civilized, smart and united people but nhai veduwee even if 80% is suffering, inhamo yenyika yedu iyi. publishing it to the rest of the world shows kusadzidza! Everyone who commented here, look at your comment, evaluate yourself. If everyone in zim had such an attitude would we survive. Whether it was RGM or MT who won the elections zvinei nesu apa, lets celebrate the good things God has done for us. Varungu vekuStates vatori bitter kuti muTanzanian arikutonga asi they don’t complain on every network kunge mapenzi, money or no money Farira Nyika yako, ichengetedze nekuti pane akaifira. You people didn’t fight the liberation war, you should have been there. Munhu aibviswa nzeve wakamutarisa , mumaziso ako, musadaro vana vevhu, inzwa moyo wako kurwadza. personally im not a politician, ndinotend munaishe akaita kuti ndive mupenyu throughout the struggle, mari handina asi Jehovah mufudzi wangu, ndizvo zvega zvandinoziva

  28. pliz mr Obama,may you come and be our president here.we are tired of these cockroches.Zimbaabwe will never eat polony again

  29. Am just an observer a 20 year old dude l have seen the worst in this country probably some1 stupid would respond u r 2 young to understand waonei uchine mukaka pamhino .l accept people of different views.the truth of the matter is Zanu pf is cruel l don’t blame its supporters for their say in that because they are the same evil bustards.as long as their tummies are full they care for nothing than themselves .they are so blindend by selfishness to the extent of killing you for speaking out .l see nothing democratic about Zimbabwe see the comments bellow you will certainly agree with me PEACE BE WITH YOU THUGS

    • Wellsaid mr bornfree,l think most of zanu idiot supporters think freedom is from ruled by a white to be ruled by a black thug,unfortunatley freedom is about being free to do or say what ever you want as long as its in context with the law,but hey not in zimbabwe where people can be killed for not voting zanu.we saw that in 2008

  30. i thot obama did not know that zimbabwe exists i hate him well can he remove sanctions to show his support to us i just hate him. if i take something which is mine do you have to punish us? now if he could only leave us alone at least we as zimbabweans will always work together and even if it is tough to live we walk our way through aslong as we can have a meal a day. THE OPRESSORS WILL ROT IN HELL AND MUGABE KEEPON YOUR SPIRIT THATS WHY EVEN YOU WON THE WLECTIONS


  31. thanks obama vamugabe vakaita kutindiite munda ndirikurima fodya I am happy chibvisa masunction ndiite mari.

  32. Zanu is xenophobic..they kill,they beat u for holding divergent views in the name of western stooge..hanzi takafira nyika pane akange akutumai here idzorerei..hezvo vamwe vakupisiwa kujoni moyo zvofadza chii..black people are oppressed everywhere..in Europe some call black pple monkeys..in African countries you are victimized left right and center in your own country you are butchered for having divergent views so is a black man created to be a yes man always y can’t we value each other and treat each other with respect and dignity?

  33. Thanks President Obama. One the ways we can expect the coming year bring progress toward a healthy and prosperous Zimbabwe is by America’s support to stop the suffering of the people of Zimbabwe 90% unemployment, with investment that can create jobs and prosperity. The current systems favours the haves. A society with a bigger middle class versus one with no middle class but lower class will have the leverage and courage to overcome any repressions. Like you have just done in Cuba, Mr President consider the plight of Zimbabweans, who today are being burnt alive across the border in South Africa because there is nothing to make a living from here in Zimbabwe. Mr President thank you for the message, but please help us not with donations but by allowing investments to flow and create jobs not necessarily in government (as you might have issues with them) but in the private sector. That way Mr President all Zimbabweans CAN EXPECT THE COMING YEAR TO BRING PROGRESS TOWARDS A HEALTHY AND PROSPEROUS ZIMBABWE. any thing else is misery which we have endured for over 10 years.

  34. Chamboko, State house is not Mugabe’s property. if destroyed state funds wl be used to rebuild it and that wl not affect his personal life.

  35. Zvataurwa namambo Obama is not anti-Zimbabwe. These are noble, national aspirations or best wishes. Its occasion for those of contrary perceptions to honorably eat humble pie. Thats the language of great leaders.

  36. Thanks President Obama. One the ways we can expect the coming year bring progress toward a healthy and prosperous Zimbabwe is by America’s support to stop the suffering of the people of Zimbabwe with investment that can create jobs and prosperity (90% unemployment, inability to afford medicare, the current drought). A society with a bigger middle class is much more capable of influencing democracy in any nation. Whereas a society with little or no middle class but a big lower class will not have the leverage and courage to overcome any repressions or ability to demand democracy. Like the noble move you have just done in Cuba, Mr President consider the plight of Zimbabweans, who today are being burnt alive across the border in South Africa due to the inability to eke out a basic living here in Zimbabwe, I repeat a basic living. Mr President thank you for the message, but please help us not with donations but by allowing investments to flow and create jobs not necessarily to government (as you might have issues with them) but to encourage investment in the private sector for example AGOA. That way Mr President all Zimbabweans CAN AND WILL EXPECT THE COMING YEAR TO BRING PROGRESS TOWARDS A HEALTHY AND PROSPEROUS ZIMBABWE. Mr Obama Sir, without investment, misery which we have endured for over 10 years will be what we will expect again this year as we did last year when you sent us the very same message. A society that favours the haves has the ability to manipulate the poor have nots. To eradicate poverty, hunger, exploitation and bring democracy Mr President, please have another look at the ZIDERA act for the sake of millions in Zimbabwe, millions of Zimbabweans in South Africa, UK, Australia and many parts of the world, sanctions have had little effect on the Politicians but massive displacement of families. Thank President Obama and God Bless the long suffering people of Zimbabwe.

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