Mugabe Kalanga remarks provoke social media fury


President Robert Mugabe’s comments on Wednesday about Kalangas in South Africa drew the ire of social media users, who argued the remarks were tactless.


Speaking at a press conference, Mugabe said Kalangas were “really notorious” for engaging in petty crimes in neighbouring South Africa.

Mugabe said Kalangas resorted to crime because they were not educated.

Social media said instead of coming to the defence of victims of xenophobia attacks, Mugabe had taken a tribal angle, which was harmful to nation building.

“Quite typical of Bob and his family,” a reader commented on the NewsDay website.

“They are always insulting people.

“Not so long ago Mrs Stop-It (First Lady Grace Mugabe) was insulting people of Matebeleland saying they were good-for-nothing womanisers who go to South Africa to do useless jobs.”

Others defended Mugabe, saying his remarks referred to the past rather than the present.

#Kalanga people in SAfrica were/are “notorious, vanoita hutsotsi,” they’re not educated enough to assume better jobs — Ntungamili Nkomo (@ntungab) April 29, 2015


  1. Bobs remarks sum up the extent of Zimbabwe’s problems. He simply does not know what is going on. He is too old to understand. Zimbos keep tracking to SA despite the risks involved but to him its bcoz we love the good life. He says Africans there are suffering but Zimbos dont see this but see the suffering back home.

  2. I share a house with one of these Kalangas here in Harare, him and his wife are pleasant folks but they mess the toilet in a manner that would scare the bravest waste manager Occassionally the wife races behind the house to leave a frothy pool of pee. to a certain extend yes, they are not educated enough I Agree.

  3. we can not blame him he is too can u take a 91year old man serious .he was hallucinatingLithonga loyo

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