MDC-T upholds elections boycott stance


THE MDC-T national executive committee and national council yesterday endorsed the party’s position to boycott the June 10 by-elections occasioned by the recall of 21 MDC Renewal MPs last month.


MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai told journalists last night after a national council meeting that the main opposition party would not participate in any future elections until the government introduced reforms to ensure that elections are free and fair.

He said the recently held by-elections in Chirumhanzu-Zibagwe and Mt Darwin West proved that an environment of intimidation still existed in the country.

“Reforms must precede any elections in Zimbabwe,” he said. “The recent by-elections were held in a shambolic manner.”

Tsvangirai called on President Robert Mugabe as the chairman of Sadc and the African Union to behave in a manner which upholds the values propounded by the regional bodies.

He said the MDC-T would play its part in mobilising people to force the government to resolve the economic and political crisis in the country.

Political analysts argue that MDC-T failure to contest in the elections will open hitherto opposition spaces to Zanu PF particularly seats in Harare and Bulawayo.

MDC-T has controlled the parliamentary seats in Harare and Bulawayo metropolitan provinces since 2000.
In the July 2013 general elections it won all 13 seats in Bulawayo and 24 out of 29 in Harare.


  1. Can someone tell Tsvangirayi that when you are fighting dictatorship the positions gained and advances made must be defended. What reforms is he calling for now? Didn’t we have a new constitution which stipulated what must be in the electoral act? If Zanu Pf is doing something illegal then take them to court. I wonder if anything is going to change before 2018. Mr Tsvangirai was in Government for 5 years he never pushed for reforms why? He enjoyed the trappings of the political office and forgot to change the system. Mr Tsvangirai if you do not participate in these elections you are opening up Harare and Bulawayo to Zanu Pf and in the forth coming election you will never regain these spaces. Tsvangirai either you should resign or fire all your advisors. Makarar nezamu mumukanwa mukazopepuka Zanu Pf yahwinha kare.

    • Well said, a little bit too late to seek reforms . But a can see some MDC T members trying to have a go for the office driven by greed

  2. Tsvangirayi and his people are stupid. This is the betrayal of the people of Harare and Bulawayo including other constituencies affected by the recall. To me these guys have lost steam and relevance. All along when they participated in elections, they claimed that the playing field was uneven. What change can they bring from without than within. Even the devil has taken his battle with Christ into the Church on realisation that the centre of power needs to weaken first. What can the MDC do outside when they failed during the unity government. Perhaps Zimbabwe needs a new political dispensation. MDC has failed. To hell with you guys.

  3. Ipersonally for one agree with the position taken by the MDC. With the myriad of challenges cureently bedevilling Zanu pf, they would love these by elections and use them to assess the effects of they have had on the electorate. And once they get a response that shows that their popularity has dropped, they will already start to put serious measures to rig the 2018 election. Let them run a one man horse race all this time so that they can fool themselves that all is well, the departure of Mai Mujuru and company hasn’t changed anything, then they will face their real truth during the main elections. These by elections are of no effect to the opposition even if they were to participate and win them. Non participation of the opposition also gives the impetus on Zanu pf to recall the MPs they want to recall since they will be rest assured to retain the seats whilst the recalls will further weaken them.

  4. instead of asking them questions tell them what needs to be done coz l remember after 2013 election people were saying mdc was suppose to boycott the elections so which is which.

  5. good decision, its even tough enough for anyone to win a free & fair election, therefore no one should be foolish as to participate in a biased one. Never take life for granted

  6. Mr. Tsvangirai is one of the dumbest people I have ever head of. Was he expecting ZANU to say the 21 seats will remain vacant until 2018. How can we expect some one who makes silly decisions like this to make sound economic decisions? Boycotting is not going to help in Zim, there are some unknown small opposition parties that are going to contest these 21 seats and loose to ZANU PF. This was not the right time to unseat the 21 run away MPs. Mr. Tsvangirai should have fought for reforms from day one of the inclusive government, this man is not presidential material.

  7. Wezaka & Mentalist, good afternoon. Whether your opinions are wrong or write is not the point. The point is, you should as a matter of fact refrain from calling the people you love names. If you want Mr Tsvangirayi to take you serious, you give him the respect he deserves. Only if you respect do you get respected. Mr. Tsvangirayi has a very big constituency (you included) and if you put your advice together the country will benefit. For now, I rest my case.

  8. For this boycott to make real SENSE the MDCT should walk away from parliament and let the ZANU guys have their one party state..This piecemeal boycott will not get the necessary traction at grass root. Walk away from parliament and let them have their fun! As is boycotting 21 seats is senseless…kana wada kudya imbwa idya riri hono…say we can only go back to parly when we have seen the electronic voters roll used in 2013. In any case why is it taking this long to produce it?

  9. This is a very good decision by the MDC-T. Its good to take these tough decisions and now. What people must remember is that its better to boycott these by-elections now so that Zanu PF will know that the opposition will not dance to its tunes.
    I think most people are not clear that these reforms have already been agreed upon its only that Zanu PF does not want to implement them in the same way they are doing to Provincial councils etc. Their idea is to sit on them until after the 2018 elections but knowing that the opposition will boycott these elections they may have to think twice.
    There is no point going into these stage managed elections for the sake of it, its time to stand by principles and its good to see this happening now.

  10. It is clear that even if the country waits until the next general elections, there won’t be such a thing as implementation of electoral reforms by the current regime. Therefore, if an MDC boycott in 2018 is what we are headed for as is the case at present, then why not just bring forward the general elections by recalling all MDC MP’s now, boycott the by-elections, then find out what happens now rather than continue to suffer till 2018. Once again, everyone has been outwitted, and is waiting for 2018 when the same old outcome will occur.

  11. MDC T have done the most right thing. For the past decades we have seen them participating and the results are known before the elections is held, so why then do they have to continue going to the elections. stick to your principles dont be shaked by those power hungry principles. Even if 2018 comes without implentation of the agreed reforms, stay put.lets them run the race alone. the end will come.

  12. I think most people are not clear that these reforms have already been agreed upon its only that Zanu PF does not want to implement them period. Zanu PF iri kuramba kuita zvavakawirirana nevamwe sei? MDC-T its good to boycott these elections kusvika umwe aita zvamakatenderana. And vanhu vakawanda pano vari kungoti hee pple pple vanozotii. Takabvira kare tichitambura isu elections or without elections.

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