Imbizo crowd boos non-Zulu speakers


The crowd at the anti-xenophobia imbizo in Durban, spearheaded by King Goodwill Zwelithini, booed all who tried to address the crowd that is not Zulu.

Mail and Guardian Online

As Hindu priest, Ashwin Trikamjee recited a prayer the crowd started booing him.

They wanted Trikamjee to get off the stage and clapped when he finally stepped down.

MEC Mike Mabuyakhulu urged the crowd to calm down.

“Please, people, these are just prayers. Please behave yourselves,” said the MEC.

The crowds continued to boo priests who were not Zulu.

As a Muslim cleric took the stage the crowds continued to jeer despite the fact that he spoke Zulu.

“As a Muslim, the King is the father of all nations,” he said to the crowd.

Nearly 5 000 Zulu Amabutho (regiments) have descended on the Moses Mabhida ahead of Zwelithini’s address.

With traditional weapons held aloft, the group moved around the stadium singing in Zulu.

The songs have a loaded message of aggression, and the undertone is one that supports a call for foreigners to leave the country.

High profile politicians present
This flies in the face of the stance taken by the state in addressing the spate of violent attacks, which have seen thousands of foreign nationals displaced and seven people killed.

Mabuyakhulu welcomed everyone present, Amakhosi’s, councillors, Izinduna, MECs, KwaZulu-Natal Premier Senzo Mchunu, Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba, State Security Minister David Mahlobo and all religious leaders.

The crowd at the stadium booed all the international guests Mabuyakhulu introduced.

“We need to behave in front of the king and show respect,” he told the crowd.

“We need to listen carefully as our leaders speak today. We also wish for everyone to say something, they should be given respect. If we do that we would have respected the king,” urged Mabuyakhulu.

More than 10 000 people including Amakhosi, Izinduna, and Amabutho are expected to listen to Zwelithini as he addresses matters relating to the recent xenophobic attacks in the province.

Earlier, Amabutho were singing: “Elethu izwe, owani umbango [What’s the rivalry for]?”

When a News24 reporter asked one of the singers what the song meant he said “this is our nation, why do we have to share it with other nations”.

News24 understands that over 300 Amakhosis have been locked in a private meeting with the King since earlier on Monday morning.


  1. It’s sad that our brothers in SA have to behave this way. South Africans should know better than anyone else in Africa – they were the last stranglehold of colonialism and everyone contributed somehow to the death of apartheid. I see that very soon those pushing the hate agenda will need us. It always happens that way – after fighting a perceived external enemy, the blood-letting starts amongst so-called brothers. Soon the colors of the rainbow with begin to separate. I urge our southern neighbors to learn from history and to learn quickly.

  2. Ma South African pavachazotiza vachiuya kuno kwavo zvaipa, ini ndinenge ndichingonhonga mabhebhi chete….

  3. “Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day, while failure is simply a few errors in judgement, repeated every day. It is the cumulative weight of our disciplines and our judgements that leads us to either fortune or failure.”
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  4. Just an irrelevant King trying to find relevance in an emergent democracy.Could we be witnessing the begininng of the end for these useless monarchs who drain the fiscuses of fragile african economies?Too bloody late fact about 400 odd years too late.Remember the last words of Tchaka to Dingaan and his murderous co conspirator…’the whites will rule this land and not yourselves’..words to that effect.Ther Xhosas will have the political power the Indians will always rule the economics of Durban and the rest of S.A.The whites will the Supreme bosses whether Afrikaner or of Brit extraction.You will preside over the lowest of the low the thick marginalised Kaffiers.So sit back and enjoy your allowance while you can still get it for soon even that will go.Ill wager you any money tou like…thats the way the cookie crumbles in Africa.

  5. Thesecattacks are not Xenophobic (no whites or other races were attacked), neither is it Afrophobic (Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland & Namibians were not attacked….& Ndebeles). Theres no name for it & we dont have to give it one. They just dont want people who come & want to take over, speaking their own languages, not interested in adapting to local ones. Those who adapted like the nations mentioned were never touched. So learn your lesson there the Zulus want to be respected in their country. Give them their space. To call them uneducated, violent, watwat doesnt mean anything, its their country, they are entitled to what they want as free people, Yes the level of violence used is criminal & unacceptable BUT their cries are legitimate. Even in Bulawayo we have similar cries about Sonas taking ovee everything…all jobs, all tenders, our women beacuse of skewed opportunities & levers of power in this country. Lets learn to respect other peoples regions & we ll live in peace. So many Shonas based in Durban more than 5yrs who still cant utter a word in Zulu, you have beggars in Joburg begging in Shona, catch a taxi in joburg & u ll find shonas speaking ag the top of tneir voices. In Byo u can getaway but in KZN they dont take nonsense……..#notoxenophobia

  6. Stop blaming the Zulus they are sending a message, if u come to their country, behave, dont hide behind geneva & UN conventions & resolutions watwat. I know many Shonas who ve spent more than 5yrs in KZN yet still dont speak Zulu, they insist on speaking Shona. There are beggars in Joburg who beg in Shona…ndikumbiroooooooo! In Byo we have the same problem, Shonas everywhere now, even in Mzilikazi & Makokoba, Tsholotsho, Kezi….deep in rural arears they are employed, taking our women, jobs etc coz of skewed economic opportunities & a govt not interested in correcting a developing time bomb. There are many seething in Matebeleland about this but are powerless coz of a ruthlese military & cops. Our brothers are fixing it in S.A. Lesson: Respect othee peoples lands. What is happening in S.A isnt Xenophobia coz other races are spared, nor is it Afrophobia coz Namibians, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland are not being attacked…….this is an attack on people who dis respect them by wanting to gake over their place & not adapting to their language & culture. Too many Shonas who ll tell you, l dont need to learn Zulu or Ndebele…..well in KZN they sort you out. I know lots of Byo Shonas who grew up in Byo, and have mastered Ndebele, were never troubled in S.A….Food for thought. #notoxenophobia

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