Govt rapped over Grade 7 exam fees

LOCAL non-governmental organisation, Tag A Life (Tali), has called on the government to reverse its recent decision to charge examination fees for Grade 7 pupils and hike Ordinary Level examination fees, saying the move would force several students to drop out of school due to lack money.

BY Staff Writer

In a statement, Tali executive director Nyaradzo Mashayamombe said: “It is shocking that the government introduces these changes at a time where the rural folk and many low income-earning communities are struggling to make ends meet.

“The shrinking economy and rapidly closing industries have caused many parents/guardians to lose jobs, thereby leaving majority hard pressed to survive.”

Mashayamombe said her organisation was lobbying the government to shelve the proposals to ease pressure on the already burdened parents.

“This will not only ensure parents remain focused at doing the little they can under the hard economic conditions to keep their children in school, but it will also ensure that our children, especially the girls, the most affected by such changes, stay in school and are not vulnerable to violations such as marriages, thereby ensuring progress for the greater Zimbabwe,” she said.

She added that the introduction of examination fees at Grade 7 was a direct violation of the right to basic education as it is provided for in the Constitution. Ads

“It is clear that it is either an oversight of reality on the part of the government that education has not been accessible to the marginalised and introducing this is widening the gap between the few elite and the majority of the struggling Zimbabweans,” she said.

“This is the time where the government of Zimbabwe should be assisting parents and guardians to encourage them to send their children to school, not destroying their hope and attempt for survival by over burdening them with these fees,” said Mashayamombe.

Primary and Secondary Education minister Lazarus Dokora recently announced plans to hike the Zimbabwe Schools Examinations Council “O” Level fees from $13 to $15 saying part of the money would be used to plug leakages of examination papers.
However, the move has been condemned by educationists who argued that the fee increase would reverse most of the educational gains the country has made since Independence.


  1. at times yu wonder kuti mapoliticians edu aya anowona kutambura kwevanhu here. Dokora has done more harm to the education system than any other person. nothing good has ever come out of that man. his calibre as a minister is very questionable. akatuintroducer nekukwidza exam fee ivo vanhu vachidzingwa pamabasa everyday. This guy should go to a mental institution. to hell with yu Dokora

  2. thats the worst decision at the minute when the economy is shutting down and most families are struggling to have a decent meal.

  3. Charging exam fees for grade 7 is not only sick but downright mercenary..Where on earth are parents who are paying trough the nose expected to get the funds to pay for this..In any case this is the first time in the history of this country that this has it because of sanctions then? Schools are about to open and the media should just do a quick survey to find out how much government primary and secondary schools are charging as levies..They will be shocked. Lets have a schedule like the one they do for the 100 schools producing the best exams at O and A level for the government school charging the highest fees/levies in the land. I pomise you, your readers will have the shock of their lives! In some cases government schools are charging levies/fees twice what the mission schools are charging..Is this not atrocious?

  4. dokora dokora pliz pliz parents are struggling for the basic school fees how are they going to afford your new exam fees by the way how much exam fees did you pay when you set for grade 7. wakuritora sebusiness rako zvino wakajaidzwa.

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