Don’t throw stones — Kasukuwere warns Mliswa

ZANU PF national commissar Saviour Kasukuwere has warned former party official and Hurungwe West independent Temba Mliswa to “stop throwing stones” by making unsubstantiated allegations against ruling party members because he had “many skeletons in his cupboard”.


Kasukuwere said Mliswa should not start “a war he can’t sustain” by publicly attacking him and Zanu PF secretary for administration Ignatius Chombo at campaign rallies, adding the ruling party might be forced to expose his dark past.

“If he thinks he has support as he claims, let us meet in Hurungwe West on June 10. He must not mistake the support he got riding on President Robert Mugabe’s name by saying it is him who is popular.

Soon we will exorcise his ghost just in the same way we have done with the MDC in the whole country,” Kasukuwere said.

Kasukuwere challenged Mliswa to reveal why he was kicked out of London if “he was really clean”.

“As they say, those who stay in glass houses must not throw stones, I plead with Mliswa to stop being malicious and desist from maligning our good standing. I, for one, my money is easily traceable. I can challenge anyone who wants to come and I will show the source of my small but appreciative wealth,” he said.

Kasukuwere added: “This guy must close his mouth for once before his evil deeds are put bare for all to see. He must learn to carry his own cross and not blame patriotic Zanu PF members for his political misfortune, but he must look straight in the eyes of his ambitious uncle, one Didymus Mutasa, and ask him why they wanted to kill the President.

“I will not lose sleep just because Mliswa has opened his mouth and uttered his nonsense. I am focused on growing the party and rescuing it from the jaws of corruption and selfish agendas which the Gamatox people wanted it to be at.”

This was after Mliswa told journalists on Wednesday that Kasukuwere and Chombo were misleading Mugabe to believe that “all is well in the party when in fact Zanu PF is disintegrating”.

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  1. You Kasukuviri? Good standing? Lord have mercy! Then if you want to meet in Hurungwe stop harrassing Themba and arresting him on trumped up charges then we will believe your nonsense. The truth you and your zanu are a bunch of cowards basterdised son of bitches who know no fair play.

  2. Kasukuwere we are not foolish as you think, just shut your mouth up and focus on your games we are enough of nonsense nxaa selfish pipol

  3. Kasukuwere don’t shut others’ mouths. Let them talk that is democracy, you also have a lot in your cupboard, its coming out soon. Stop building that mansion of yours because we will take it soon and very soon.

  4. usamunyararidza toda kuzwa zvizhinji Iwe taurawo zvaakaita kaa kana uri clean …unotyei

  5. its plain kasukuwere you have nothing on mliswa otherwise you could have said it out already.unless if you want to first go to chaminuka building for the info.

  6. This Kasukuwere is telling the nation that Zanu is corrupt, we should applaud his revelations, if we had a functional parliament he should be asked to elaborate, people should not harbour corruption, people like him should be encouraged to speak up, in a democratic nation the police must investigate those allegations. What if they killed people or kidnapped or ordered people to be murdered, we will never no if he shuts up. If he was in Europe the FBI could be interrogating him as we speak, in Zim we want him to shut up, how does that help us rid of corruption? He is a states man and him and Zanu should be held accountable for the bad things he alleges Mliswa did under the Zanu banner. From his statements, whatever happened was illegal and Zanu swept it under the carpet, bring it on, Reporters should learn to get information if you are representatives of the voiceless, find it, there is news here on a silver plater.

  7. RevelationZanupf written by Saviour Kasukuwere. Yes you have already initmidated Hurungwe people so you may win, but that does not mean you are wanted or clean. you are dirty rags, tell the country where you got money to build that 50 bedroomed house when your bos is hobknobbing the globe begging? He was not allowed entry into UK because he carried the dirty name ZanuPF.Your whole zanphobia team is in Hurungwe.

  8. So you are a weevil, Kasukuwere? Shame, shame on you. You even brag of your “small” wealth. Please tell us how you accumulated it.

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