Audio: MDC-T Women Assembly vows to stand by Dzamara’s family


THE MDC-T Women Assembly on Saturday vowed to continue to speak out and stand by Itai Dzamara’s family until the human rights activist was found.


This followed Dzamara’s abduction by suspected state security agents on March 09.

MDC-T Women Assembly chairperson Lynette Karenyi said Saturday’s Independence celebrations were meaningless if people continued to be abducted and unaccounted for.

Karenyi was speaking in Harare during a visit by the Assembly to Dzamara’s wife Sheffra in Glen Norah to strengthen her and donate groceries for her upkeep.

Listen to MDC-T Women Assembly chairperson Lynette Karenyi below:

“As we donate the groceries to the Dzamara family, we are reminded of the long list of brutal acts of political violence which were committed through mass military weeding of some ethnic sections of our society, like in the case of the Matabeleland genocide, or the widespread mass murder of supporters of the MDC-T and other political parties,” Karenyi said.

“We share Sheffra’s pain and suffering as a fellow citizen and a sister, and we are outraged that her husband, a father, a brother and himself as a son from the womb of a woman can disappear given that we have a state and government that claims to care for its people.”

Karenyi said the MDC-T was fed up and feeling the fresh scars of historical abductions and ‘accident’ killings of political activists through choreographed road accidents, and abductions of high profile civic activists. She alleged these were being perpetrated by Zanu PF to intimidate and cow citizens from politically expressing themselves.

“As mothers, the effects of the callous murder of our husbands and children simply sink us into abject poverty and emotional distress. Our kids roam the streets failing to access food, education, jobs, as they are deprived of their livelihoods and possibilities for a good life. Some of them are now xenophobic fodder, as they are subjected to murderous hatred across our borders,” she said.

Karenyi was accompanied by Sunningdale MP Margaret Matienga, proportional representation MPs Josephine Chitembwe, Memory Munochinzwa, Ronia Bunjira and other members from the main opposition party.

Dzamara’s wife Sheffra was almost in tears during the presentation of groceries worth $100.

She said Dzamara’s whereabouts were still unknown and pleaded to his abductors to release him so that he could continue to take care of his family.

MDC-T National executive committee, Job Sikhala alleged President Robert Mugabe knew of Dzamara’s whereabouts.