ZimRights executive accused of dirty play

Zimbabwe Human Right Organisation (ZimRights) members are accusing the incumbent executive of trying to manipulate the outcome of the elective annual general meeting (AGM) that starts today in Mutare by withholding some relevant documents from delegates.


The members have been accusing the executive and secretariat of withholding the organisation’s constitution, AGM agenda and the delegate lists from the invited participants.

“In as much as I have no intention to raise such inherent neglect on your part against you, I will certainly be compelled to raise your election to hide the information from the membership as an issue,” a delegate wrote in one of the emails.

“Whilst I note that my request for information requested regarding the constitution and delegates has not been replied to, let me advise you that all the information I have requested so far is information every delegate to the AGM is entitled to prior notification on.”

ZimRights chairman Everson Ndlovu confirmed there were delegates who were requesting the information and complaining about the manner the meeting was being arranged.

“It’s true there are some members who have requested some documents. The director has the signed constitution and the management is organising the AGM. Seek clarification with the director,” Ndlovu said.

ZimRights director Okay Machisa also confirmed there have been some problems in the run-up to the AGM, but said all the materials had since been sent to delegates.

“I acknowledge there have been some delays in sending out the constitution, delegate list and agenda to the members attending the AGM. We have finally sent them out,” Machisa said.

Some 88 delegates from the organisation’s 11 chapters are expected to attend the AGM and elect a new committee.

ZimRights has in the past had serious leadership wrangles particularly when David Chimhini was ousted as director in the early 2000s. Chimhini went on to form his own organisation that took with it the ZimRights donor partners.

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